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Zoysia Grass Reviews | Plugs, Sod or Seeds

For those of you looking for a greener lawn with less maintenance, then you have probably heard about zoysia grass. I thought I would give some zoysia grass reviews so that you know both the pros and cons of putting the grass in your yard as well as discussing the option of putting in zoysia plus, zoysia sod or using zoysia seeds.
The goal is to ensure that you know what options are the best quality for your time and money.
On this site we will do through…
  • What is zoysia grass and what value does it bring to your yard
  • How to plant zoysia
  • What maintenance is required once you have a zoysia lawn
  • What is the best zoysia
  • Should you go with plugs, sod or seeds
  • Where is the best place to get quality zoysia at a good price

What Exactly Is Zoysia Grass?

Zoysia grass is originally from Asia and was brought back to the United States in the 1950’s. 
It is a low growing grass that holds up well in the heat as well as growing in difficult soil conditions.
This grass grows deep roots and grows low to the ground somewhat similar to “creeping”.  It spreads out to cover the ground giving your lawn a soft grass that can withstand lots of traffic (children and dogs are fine playing on a zoysia lawn).
Because of the spreading of this grass, it is great for any slopes or hills that you may have in your yard.
Lets talk about soil conditions for a moment.  This grass will grow in some of the most difficult conditions such as salty soil, sandy soil and rocky soil.  Not to mention that it needs very little watering and very little mowing.

Zoysia Grass Plugs

Zoysia Grass Plugs

I am a huge fan of zoysia grass plugs.  I much prefer them over sod and seeds as they are easier to plant and a significantly higher rate of success in growing.
Basically, what these “plugs” are, are small one inch squares of zoysia sod that you plant in the ground.  You use a “plugger” or a 1 inch auger to put a hole in the ground and then you insert the plug.  Simple.  I should mention that you should water your plugs before you plant them and then water them for 15 minutes a day for a week so that they take hold.
You plant these plugs 6 inches apart and they will spread to cover your lawn.  You can use them to cover your whole yard (give it a season to spread).  If you want them to cover your lawn quicker, simply plant them closer together.  If you don’t mind waiting a couple of seasons for the grass to fill in, then you can plant them 12″ apart.
The zoysia plugs are far, far less expensive that zoysia sod (and I believe that buying the sod is a waste of money as zoysia is a natural spreading grass).   Seeds on the other hand take a lot of preparation of the land before seeding, requires a lot of seeds and lots of the seeds don’t germinate which means that you will have to wait a whole season before trying again.

Zoysia Grass Seed

Zoysia Grass Seed

As I mentioned, I am not a huge fan of zoysia grass seed and here is why.  I’m lazy.  It is a lot of work to prepare your yard before you plant the seeds.
You will need to do the following before you plant any seeds:

    *  Clear the area of any stones, weeds, mulch or any other depris (the plugs will just grow over it).
    *  Put down a layer of fresh soil
    *  The soil must remain at a temperature above 72 degrees or the seeds won’t germinate.  We are not talking about the temperature outside, but the actual temperature of the soil.
    *  You will need to buy lots of seeds, not a sprinkling
    *  Seed and cover with soil
    *  Water daily for 2 weeks

    If the seeds don’t germinate, then you will have to wait until until the next planting season the following year.

    Plugs are so much easier.   If you really want seeds though, here is a link to where you can buy them.

    Zoysia Grass Reviews | Finding Zoysia Plugs on Sale

     In time for planting seasion, zoysia grass plugs have been on sale.
    Click here to check out pricing and to calculate how many plugs you would need for your yard.

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