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Electric Cream Kettle with  Color – Sure Match to Any Other Kitchen Appliance

Either you are looking for an electric kettle to replace old unit or as a house warming gift to someone you care, cream kettle always the best choice. The main reason is that cream color easy to blend with any other color; regardless what kitchen deco color is and no matter what other items colors are. Some people even noticed that no finger prints being left behind on kettle. It is great to remain clean appearance.

The pyramid kettle shown in the picture is Russell Hobbs 18256 from Heritage collection. This is one of the popular models at Amazon UK. In fact, it ranks as top 10 best sellers under category of “traditional” and “metal kettle” in Amazon UK at the moment I preparing this lens.

Not only timeless traditional designs, but it actually comes with practical functionality such as 360 degree cordless base, 3KW concealed rapid boil element and rear water gauge. Click here to check the best price if you are interested.

Alternative, you may explore more cream kettle options in this lens. I group it based on different manufacturers: Breville, De’Longhi, Dualit and Morphy Richards. There are popular kettle brand in UK. I wish you are able to grab a favorite one with special deal.


Breville Cream Kettle

cream kettle
Breville VKJ187
1.5 litre capacity
cream kettle price

Breville cream kettle
Breville VKJ130
1.7 litre capacity
Breville cream kettle price

cream kettles
Breville VKJ332
1.7 litre capacity
cream color kettle price

These three models are stainless steel kettles. They are feature 3KW concealed element for rapid boil and easy cleaning. I recommended them because they come with 360° rotational base. I myself is left handed so I know it is great feature especially for those family who have both left and right-handed users. One more same feature these 3 items own is blue illumination through water gauge on boil.

There is rear water gauge indicating water level which is great to help users to fill the kettle to desired amount. If you just need prepare about 5 cups hot drink every morning, then Breville VKJ187 jug kettle is an idea choice. Alternative, pick one from the rest options which can accommodate up to 8 cups of water.


De’Longhi Cream Kettle

Delonghi kettle creamThe cordless kettle at left corner is De’Longhi KBE3014-2. This classic unit comes with lush smooth cream and dreamy retro. It ranks at top 20 in Amazon UK best seller list under category of “Jug” and “Cordless kettle”.

This De’Longhi cream kettle feature rapid-boil 3KW concealed element and has capacity of 1.7 litre. It also equipped with neon power indicator on both sides so it is convenience to use. Non-slip feet and cord storage are plus points on top of the removable limescale filter.

The model at right corner is Delonghi Vintage Icona Dolcevita KBOV3001.BG. It brings elegance and retro design to any kitchen for you to enjoy either breakfast or tea time surrounded by captivating design.

Similarly, it also comes with 3KW concealed rapid-boil element and 360º swivel base. The noteworthy feature of this De’Longhi cream kettle is the three-level safety protection system which is auto shut-off when the water boils, thermal cut-off and auto shut-off when the kettle body is lifted from its base. There are more options of De’Longhi kettle.


Dualit Kettle Best Deal

Dualit cream kettleSome people claimed that these two models are not cream kettle. To be exact, they are feature cream color trim with high quality stainless steel body. The dome kettle at the left corner has bigger capacity at 1.7 litre whereby the jug kettle at the right corner only has 1.5 litre.

Both units feature rapid boil concealed element for maximum efficient and easy to clean. One of the highlight features is that they come with water level indicators on both side in conjunction with the 360° swivel base. This is added convenience feature.

In term of safety, these cordless kettles equipped with heatproof handle, knob and finger guard as well as non-slip rubber feet on cordless base. On top of that, they has boil-dry safety feature.

The manufacturer is offering 1 year guarantee for these two products. Other features include oversized non-drip spout, washable limescale filter and integral cord storage. There are a lot of kettles launched by this particular brand. Click the link if you would like to source more options of Dualit kettle.


Morphy Richards Cream Kettle

Morphy Richards cream kettleThe pyramid kettle at left corner is Morphy Richards Accents 43775. It ranks as #1 in Amazon UK best seller list under category of “traditional” at the time I sourcing information for Morphy Richards kettle.

There are few noteworthy features that make this particular unit outstanding among other cream kettles. Needless to say, it has stylish appearance. At a glance, it feature illuminated on/off switch and water gauge. With 3LW concealed rapid boil element, it manages to boil up to 1.5 litre water fast. Most buyers commend that it is fast to boil and does not leak. The most important, there is no sign of any bad tastes.Morphy Richards kettle cream

In case you need larger water capacity, then consider Morphy Richards Accents 43174 which is the model located at the right corner. This jug kettle can fills up to 1.7 litre water. Similarly to previous model, this unit also comes with 360 degree cordless base, 3KW concealed rapid boil element and removable limescale filter.

On top of that, it feature blue illumination in the water gauge and the water indicator on both side to easy you fill with desired amount of water. The fail-safe cut-out is added safety feature that this cream kettle offers.

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