Dinosaur Lamps

Dig this Dinosaur Lamp!

No budding paleontologist should be without a Dinosaur Lamp! Whether you’re a youngster just getting into the fascinating field of the dinosaur hunter, or an adult with years of interest in the amazing world of the big lizards, you’ll want to add a dinosaur lamp to your home. There’s no age too young to start dinosaur enthusiasm – even baby can have a dinosaur nightlight!

Dinosaurs Are Roaming the House!

Dinosaurs may not have co-existed with man, but these cheerful companions certainly do.  A friendly dinosaur-themed nightlight will help your little dinosaur hunter to get his or her much-needed sleep
– ready to dig up more adventure the next day!
And for those who are older, a dinosaur lamp is the perfect addition to your writing desk, bedside table or study table.

Dinosaur Lamps and Shades

Dinosaur Nightlights for Toddlers, Children and Adults!

A nightlight is a useful thing, just enough light to see where you are going or to reassure a child there is nothing unfriendly in the dark.  The reassuring presence of their favorite dinosaur watching over them wiil let a child settle and sleep peacefully, while giving Mom and Dad enough light to check on Junior.

Dinosaur Nightlights

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