FitBit Pedometers For Walking

Best Step Counter? Check Out FitBit Pedometers

Looking for a great pedometer/step counter? You need to check out
these FitBit pedometers for walking. These
things are amazing! They make losing weight FUN by helping you
track your activity, your sleep, AND the calories you burn each

FitBit pedometers help you gain new healthy habits for eating and
activity and keep you motivated long after it becomes habit for you
by making a game of it.

No wonder FitBit users lose an average of 13 pounds and
increased their daily steps by 43% (source for these stats is here).

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Best FitBit Walking Pedometer?

There are 3 models of these FitBit pedometers…. Learn which FitBit is the best over-all, which is cheapest, and which is top-rated by consumers on this web page

The Over-All Best FitBit Walking Pedometer Is....

The Over-All Best FitBit Walking Pedometer Is….

Fitbit One Wireless Walking Pedometer/ Activity & Sleep Tracker PLUS Silent Alarm

This FitBit Pedometer is the best of the best.

If you’re looking for a pedometer that counts steps taken (and even steps that you climb – which most pedometers do NOT do)…then this is the one.

But there is more to this FitBit than that.

This FitBit One also has the normal calorie tracker and it also has a silent alarm!

When you wear this tiny little pedometer at night, it gently wakes you with a vibration.

There are also free iPhone and Android apps, free tools on their website and SO much more.

Cool thing is, this is a WIRELESS pedometer – meaning you don’t have to plug the darn thing in to your computer to charge it or sync it.

Every time you get within 15 feet or so of your computer, FitBit automatically syncs all your data to your computer for you – wirelessly… like magic!

Read all the reviews here

More FitBit Walking Pedometers

Fitbit Zip Walking Pedometer / Wireless Activity

Fitbit Ultra Wireless Pedometer Activity/Sleep

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