GoGo Pillow As Seen on TV

Go Go Pillow As Seen On TV

Lately, the Go Go Pillow has been pretty hot on tv advertisements and it looks pretty neat right? I thought so too, so I took the plunge and bought one for myself.

I’m pretty sure you landed on this page because you are wondering if it is worth the money, and where the the best place might be to get one for yourself.

Go Go Pillow as Seen On TV – Best Price

Go Go Pillow Features

The Go Go Pillow advertises that it is basically 3 pillows in one, with one very special feature…. it holds any tablet, any time, any where! It is a regular pillow, a tablet holding pillow, and when you reverse it…. it becomes a neck rest pillow!

Pretty nifty!

It comes in 5 different colors which are: Blue, Pink, Grey, Burgundy & Animal Print.

One one side, it is a regular pillow.

On the other side it has 4 little slot like holes that fit the four corners of your tablet inside – holding the tablet secure within the pillow. This allows you to use your tablet without the need for holding it with your hands. So instead of holding it with one hand and using your other hand to scroll across the touch screen of your tablet, once it is in this pillow, you do not have to hold it, but rather the pillow can just rest on your lap…. or can be hung up with the tablet showing… etc

Go Go Pillow Buy One Get One Free Offer

The commercial above advertises the Go Go pillow as a buy one get one free offer. So far so good…. but…..


As with lots of as seen on tv products that offer a buy one get one free offer, they are sold in sets. YOU CAN NOT PURCHASE JUST ONE! Your order will automatically be for 1 SET (2 pillows total).

This is still fine, as long as you keep in mind that you are ordering them by the set…

So…when you order, they ask you how many sets you would like. If you only want the buy one get one free offer, you would need to chose “1” in the “sets requested” portion of the payment page. If you accidentally chose “2” (thinking buy one (1) get one (1) =2 ) you will end up with 4 pillows total, and a bill for close to $80. Ouch!

The price of the Go Go Pillow is $19.95 for the first one plus p&h and the second one is free but you must pay separate p&h.

Okay, with that being said – here is the cost breakdown for you:
$19.95 for the first pillow
+$9.95 p&h for that first pillow
+$9.95 p&h for the second free pillow
$39.85 for one set

On the website, there are several color choices to choose from, but for each set that you order, you will get both the one you are buying AND the free one (1 complete set) in the same color. 

Where To Buy A Go Go Pillow

There are a few places that you can purchase a Go Go Pillow:
– from the Go Go Pillow website (as described above)
– from another online retailer like Amazon

Above I described the cost breakdown for purchasing directly from their website, and I also made note that if you order there, just please be careful to choose the appropriate number of “sets” that you want, so that you don’t end up being purchasing too many and spending WAY more than you intended.

****Please note that after making your purchase from their website, it will take about 6 to 8 weeks for your Go Go Pillow to arrive.

I personally did not order my Go Go Pillow from the As Seen on TV website because I wanted mine much faster and I also only wanted 1, so I purchased mine from Amazon instead.

Go Go Pillow For Sale Online

If you are looking for just one Go Go Pillow, and would like it to be delivered to your home quickly, you might want to check out what Amazon currently has available.

Go Go Pillows on Amazon.com

I can’t guarantee how many will be in stock at the you are reading this, but the link above should lead you to the info page that will let you know for sure.

If you are not in a hurry to get your Go Go Pillow, AND you are cautious when you order the “set”, your best bet would be to get one from the Go Go Pillow website.


GoGo Pillow Alternative

On Amazon, I found a couple of other great adjustable tablet holders that have been getting great reviews among customers, so I included them on here for you to take a look at as well.

The one shown is called “Renegade Concepts” and it consistently gets rated 4 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers.

It is adjustable to a variety of angles ranging from 0 to 89 degrees!

These tablet holders are priced under $28 on Amazon.

Renegade Concepts

It is similar to the Go Go Pillow because it also doubles as a carrying tote.

It fits all tablets, laptops, e readers, books, and magazines. It is super light and plush. It has no hard or sharp parts.

If not using this as a tablet holder, and there is nothing inside of it, it can also be used as a travel pillow.

Free 2 Day Shipping on Amazon!

Did you know that most products on Amazon.com (including a GoGo Pillow) can be shipped for free with Amazon Prime? I don’t mean slow, 5 to 7 business day shipping either. I’m talking about 2 day shipping. For NO extra fee when you are an Amazon Prime member.


Only catch is… you must be an Amazon Prime member before making your purchase. No problem though, because signing up for Prime is easy and they offer a 30 day trial just to check it out before you pay anything.

Since I usually shop on Amazon anyway, I found that this free 2 day shipping feature is going to save me a bunch of money. An entire year of free shipping. No limits either. This has come to be my favorite feature of being a Prime member!

So if you usually make a lot of online purchases, and would like to check out the Amazon Prime free trial, click on the banner above to take a look.

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