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New Review functionality

Hi All,

We have added new functionality to the system to allow for moderation and reviewing of new posts.  This has been implemented due to a rash of spammy post being placed on the system.  We will strive to moderate new posts as quickly as possible.

Please note:  We will be going back through all the articles on the system and ensuring that they apply to the latest rules.  The rules are as follows:

1) No profanity, illegal, or immoral materials
2) Must have a featured image
3) Must be at least 700 words in length.

The system will enforce these rules but there are a few articles that do not comply with this, so they will be put into a pending state and the author will be notified as to the issues with the article.

These rules are being put in place in order to ensure that we are ranked properly within Google's engines.  Proper ranking is beneficial to us all.