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Welcome to the new SirGo

Hi All,

We have changed platforms and functionality within SirGo.  While the publishing features are still in place, the way we create articles now has completely changed.  We have decided to adopt this new platform because it allows us to provide far greater functionality while simplifying the creation of articles at the same time.

Please bear with us while we go through the conversion stages and please let us know, via the help desk, if you are running into any issues.  We will be posting multiple videos over the next while to outline the changes and to show how to create your articles.

Please be sure to visit our tutorials section to see the new overview of the system.  We will be adding a lot more videos as time goes by describing the latest features on SirGo here but for now we only have one.

Please be aware that as part of the change all broken links to pages and images have been removed and all articles that did not have an opening image, or were less than 300 words, on the old SirGo have been placed into draft status as we could not apply a featured image to those articles and google considers articles under 300 words of no value and actually penalize a system for them.  If you wish to publish those articles, you simply need to add a featured image to the article, and/or increase the word count to 300 or above, and you will be able to publish it.


The SirGo Support Team