How I Get Profitable Squidoo Lens and SirGo Page Ideas

PotPieGirl’s Tips For Money-Making Lens and SirGo Page Ideas

For me, when it comes to making money online through affiliate marketing – every idea starts with a simple Squidoo lens, SirGo page – any many other free-to-use sites.

I LOVE making FREE money online and there are lots of places you can do just that (including this site you’re on right now!)

I don’t pursue any big, fat, hairy idea for a full website until I KNOW it will rank well for me AND make money.

I like to test all these things for FREE with a Squidoo lens or SirGo page (or both) just like I teach my members to do over in my training center.

Let’s talk about how I get my ideas for unique and profitable free-to-make web pages.

I Know It Sounds “Hypey” BUT….

The videos and info on this page include some of MY secret tips for getting profitable lens ideas…

Use at your own risk! =)


Should You Use THAT Keyword?

Ever come across what you feel is a great keyword or idea for a Squidoo lens or other web page, but don’t know how to decide if you should use it or not?

Here is a very simple way I decide whether to use a keyword – or NOT to use it.

Just watch my video explanation below…

The Big Deciding Factor

Ok, here is the way I search Google to find out what I need to know to give my lens the best chances of being successful as possible:

allintitle:”your keyword phrase here”

(or, if working here on SirGo, replace where it says

Which looks like this in Google:

Don’t Forget!

Keyword Canine is the tool I was using in that video.

My Favorite Tools For Finding Profitable Keyword Ideas

1. My brain (yes, it actually works from time to time)

2. – a simple stroll through the site can give a wealth of ideas.

3. This Tool (see my secret tip in the video below)

** WARNING** This tool is not always open for new members (click here to check current availability)

4. This Keyword Tool (yep, I have a secret way of using this as well – see my video below)

5. These Recon/Market Reports – SUPER powerful!

Where To Get Great Ideas For Profitable Free Web Pages

Where To Get Great Ideas For Profitable Free Web Pages

I get my ideas from a variety of places.

I can simply stroll through for 30 minutes and get a list of ideas to last me all week (and I make 1-2 lenses a day).

I do better with ‘comparison’ type lenses where I list a handful of related products and help people see the pros/cons of each to make a buying decision. (anyone notice the word “help” in that statement? Hope so, because it figures prominently!)

I also get crazy ideas from TV commercials, sales inserts and ads in newspapers and magazines…pretty much anything I see these days is an idea for a Squidoo lens.

Oddly, the oddest ideas my brain has come up with for a Squidoo lens have turned out to be my BEST earners.

But Sometimes.. I Don’t Want To Think (or can’t think…lol!)

Yep, there’s many days I don’t really want to THINK about ideas – that’s when I turn to my TOOLS to GIVE me ideas for profitable lenses based on keywords that are easy to rank for.

Hey, even my pea brain gets tired now and then…lol!

So, let me show you some of the tools I use.

Note: You may think you already know these tools, but many do NOT know the “Secret” places INSIDE these tools that are soooo helpful to find profitable ideas that you CAN rank for. Let me show you my secrets…


Bad hair day in videos ahead!

I’m having a work day today – NOT a pretty day

(which is painfully obvious when you see my oh-so-stylish hair-do in my videos below….lol!)

Don’t blame me if you have nightmares of the crazy lady with the bad hair!

Give Me the Green Light!

This is one of my favorite tools for getting easy to rank for and profitable lens ideas.

While this tool does a LOT more than what I use it for, all I really want to see from this tool in my “idea generation” phase is a product type or niche with a beautiful green light next to it.

Let me show you what I mean in my video below.

==>> Learn More About This Niche Finding Tool Here

More Green Light Tools

This is another tool that does so much more than your basic keyword research, it brainstorms FOR you….and gives you the green light.

Let me show you how I use this tool to get profitable ideas (probably not what you’re thinking)

Bonus: Get 30 FREE searches thru this link – yipppeee!

Why guess when you can KNOW?

I get amazing big money-maker ideas with this reporting tool all the time.

My favorite part of these reports is the ‘common questions’ list. These special reports list out the main questions people searching for that product have.

Why would that matter?

Remember the word “help”? Yeah, that’s what it’s all about, folks… HELPING people.

You can promote the product on your lens and actually answer the questions they have.

That is WAY powerful when it comes to well-converting lenses (great for niche websites as well).

Check out this recon tool and watch the info video here

From Free Web Page To Niche Site – From Lens To Niche Site

I’ve said it a couple times on this page… if you make a lens that ranks well AND makes sales, it’s time to make a niche site to go with it.

Making a site involving a niche, product, or service that you now KNOW you can convert into sales is a really BIG DEAL. Expand your reach and gather even more traffic by creating a small niche site for it.

It’s easy once you know the right way to do it. To learn the way people are making a lot of money doing it, get this course here. It is AWESOME.

(you can see my video review of this training here)

HOT DEAL ALERT: For a limited time you can get this training for only $7 thru this link. This is a HUGE discount off the normal price of $97 – grab it while you can!

Above All…

If you DO decide to use SirGo to help with your online marketing efforts, please play by the rules!

SirGo is only as good as those that use it.

Create a crappy SirGo page – get crappy results … it’s as simple as that.

Take care of SirGoand SirGo will take care of you.

Thank you!

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