How to Handle a Pit Bull Attack – LOL

I was attacked by a pit bull

 The Pit Bull Incident

About 15 years ago, I was called out to repair an air conditioning system that wasn’t working so well. It was in the high 90-degree range that day and it was extremely humid. I finished the repair and waltzed into the home.

The grandmother was off to my right looking for her checkbook. Her grandchildren were off to my left watching TV. The family dog, a pit bull, was resting in the corner. I had my clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other as I write up the bill.

The pit bull had been pestering me the entire time I was there. He badly wanted my attention – and he got it. As I was writing, it jumped up on me from behind and its paws caught both sides of my shorts.

The pit bull’s feet hit the floor, and so did my shorts! And, his nose was in a quite disinteresting area, for the humans anyway.

It was so hot that day that I had decided to go it “El Fresca” and only had shorts on. There I was, butt naked with my shorts around my ankles, a pit bull sniffing and licking the heck out of me, and three women present.

Somehow, using my Ninja skills, I got my shorts into place before anyone one had noticed. Imagine if you will; the ride in the back of the police car if my re-dressing skills weren’t so efficient – I’d have some ‘splainin’ to do.

 Photo: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


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