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QSN(Quit Smoking Now) is the initiative you have to take, if you are a smoker.There are many people we meet, who are smokers.They always tend to say us that-“I have been trying to quit for a month or 6 months or a year, but I am not able to stop smoking.” These are the words of a man who atleast try to stop smoking.If you are a smoker and trying to quit it don’t say these words please,if you want to quit just say QSN and do it.
It is hard to fight against any addiction.Addiction is a behavior which switch our brain off and think about the matter we are addicted to.When I was a smoker,I had always thinking of smoking and pretend it as a trophy of some kind.I tend to think like-“oh! I have a Coffey  now I will smoke, wow!I have done quarter of my work,lets take a break and smoke,yup!I am too tired of thinking,lets smoke”-This words are common to all smokers,they always try to find the reason to just lit it up.Addiction study shows us these kind of behavior is very much common for all addiction and in the case of smokers these behavior is notable.
To quit smoking, it is very much necessary to make a determined decision and respect yourself by respecting your decision.If you say -” I will reduce smoke gradually,may be today I will have half of a packet,next week three cigarettes and  next week may be reduced it to one”, I am sure there will be next week when you smoke more than any week,including that week when you are a chain smoker.So by gradually reducing cigarette is a bad idea,you can not quit it by this option.Even the pills,patch,gums will not work for you,it is the behavior pattern which must have to be modified for quick result.
As I told you ,I was also a smoker.I had consumed 2packets of cigarettes in a day.One day,I was in a trekking tour with my friends in Tumling,Darjeeling,West Bengal,India and there were 10Km uphill to trek.I was able to trek five Km but after that I was done.They all are out of reach from me, and I had to shout to them “hey!please wait for me,I am unable to trek further”. That day I realized what have I done,I made myself handicapped.From that day I decided to quit smoking.
First day was unbearable, when the thought of smoking came to my mind,I remembered the trekking incident and it kept me away.As I have said its the behavior pattern, so I changed it,for every occasion the thought of smoking came to mind,I just thought something more essential.The days after that became easier to live and one day there were no urge to puff.If  you don’t have the same experience like me,just go the gym and do the workouts,you will definitely know something and that is you are “handicapped” .I am not going to describe what are the diseases,it is the cause of,we all know it.Those don’t smoke ads are not going to make you non-smoker its only you who can help you.

Quit Smoking Now

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