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Fully grasp the power of Whiteboard Sales Videos and embrace the opportunity of experiencing larger profits while having an increase in traffic and sales from visitors starting today!

Since drawing graphics, data, and other variations of information on a whiteboard is considered to be an effective strategy for spreading information, whiteboard animation has been regarded as one of the most interesting types of animation. As a matter of fact, these videos are undoubtedly rising in popularity.

At Qudos, our niche lies within generating premium quality animations at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, to validate our competence, we have designed whiteboard videos for individual start ups and global corporate such as Ernst & Young.

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Mega Video Services

We’re proud to say that our creative process is self-explanatory and very basic. By choosing our service, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your whiteboard video to be delivered. Our qualified professionals will handle the task expertly. Undertaking all the works for you.

As a way to ensure that you’ll only receive the most premium assistance available, our customer service representatives will be there to assist you all throughout the process. Keeping you well-informed in regards to the issues about the creation process.

The following steps will help you appreciate the way in which we craft your one of a kind video.

Step 1: Research and Script Writing

Step 2: Development of The Visual Storyboard

Step 3: Video Scoring/ Voiceover

Step 4: Creation of The Animated Videos

Step 5: Delivery 

The Use of Whiteboard Videos

A whiteboard video is an ideal approach of explaining ideas in a more engaging and entertaining manner. To name a few, these videos can be used for a wide range of purpose such as: explaining services and products, presentations, web marketing, commercials, and many more.

The Main Features of Whiteboard Animations

Generally, whiteboard animations feature a hand that draws graphics, scenery, landscapes, data, and other illustrations that could be presented on a whiteboard. These types of animation are usually filmed using a “time-lapse” technique. Meaning to say, the clips are shot in real time but were sped up during the post production. The purpose of this is to produce images that will appear animated. Furthermore, in order to efficiently demonstrate the development of the image(s) being graphically illustrated on the whiteboard, they often include stop animations.


Why Choose A Whiteboard Video

Perhaps, one of the key benefits of utilizing a whiteboard animation is, it delivers the possibility of creating an atmosphere where the viewers can embark an interactive journey with you. Without a doubt, for an audience observing an illustration being made from scratch to finish, usually offers an emotional attachment with the elements being drafted onscreen. With this, the viewers will be subconsciously influenced and feel a deep attachment to the message being conveyed. On top of that, whiteboard videos are also known to be the most cost-effective style of video animation.


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