Mini Cooper Performance

Give Your Mini Cooper Custom Performance

The Mini Cooper is all about performance. Looking more like a pregnant postage stamp or an over-sized
high performance go kart, the Mini Cooper is Britain’s best ever selling vehicle. Over 5.3
million of these fun and exciting-to-drive cars were produced beginning in 1959
when Sir Alec Issigonis teamed up with John Cooper and produced an
award-winning compact but fast car.

Designed to be comfortable for four adults plus
their baggage, the classic  Mini was safe and affordable. John Cooper tweaked the power/weight
ratio and from 1964 to 1967, Mini Cooper won three titles at the Monte Carlo
rally. That put the car on the map and it became a household name around the
And now, look at you! You have your own Mini, plus a desire to trick it out. And why not?  That’s what a Mini Cooper is for.

The 4 Best Things That Will Increase Mini Cooper Performance
1. Install A Cold Air Intake
2. Install A Tubular Header in lieu of the Stock Exhaust Manifold
3. Replace the Stock Exhaust for a Larger Diameter Performance Exhaust
4. Replace the stock serpentine belt pulleys with smaller, under-drive pulleys

So, Here You Go: Shop ‘Till Your Mini Cooper Does What You Want It To.

Best Mini Cooper Performance Parts

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