Morphy Richards Kettle

Stylish Electric Kettle: Morphy Richards Kettle

If you are looking for an electric kettle, then consider add a touch of designer chic to your kitchen with Morphy Richards kettle. Better still, they are available with numerous colors. You definitely could found one that suit your kitchen.

Morphy Richards kettles are come with useful specifications such as concealed element water level indicator, 3 KW element, 360 degree connector on cordless base as well as removable limescale filter. Furthermore, they also have a water window that makes users easier to determine whether there is water inside the appliance. All in all, they are stunning items with practical functions.

There are a lot of models launched throughout the years. The most popular are those models from Morphy Richards Accents collection. Most people like this kind of traditional design kettles and there are available in two different shape; either pyramid or jug.

Some people prefer Morphy Richards Meno collection. The manufacturer also launched filter kettles to fulfill requirement of consumers. If you like are looking an advance kettle which manage to heat water to a particular temperature for perfect drink, then Morphy Richards Intelliboil is the best choices.


Morphy Richards Kettle – Accents Pyramid

The Morphy Richards Accents Pyramid kettles combine timeless and traditional design with functionality of modern kitchen appliances. There are total 12 eye-catching colors for you to choose from. Most people will choose cream color as it is easy to match regardless what color of kitchen and surrounding appliances inside your home.

The package box contains one unit kettle, lid, base and instruction book. Highlight features include 3KW rapid boil element for up to 1.5 litre water capacity, 360 degree cordless base ease for both of left and right-handed users, removable limescale filter, illuminated on/off switch and water gauge.

Morphy Richards Accents Traditional Kettle Brushed Stainless SteelMorphy Richards Accents Traditional Kettle Brushed Stainless SteelBuy NowMorphy Richards Accents Traditional Kettle Stainless Steel 1.5 Litres 2 Years Warranty 102005Morphy Richards Accents Traditional Kettle Stainless Steel 1.5 Litres 2 Years Warranty [102005]Buy NowMorphy Richards Accents Traditional Kettle Stainless Steels1.5 litre 2 Years Warranty 102003Morphy Richards Accents Traditional Kettle Stainless Steels1.5 litre 2 Years Warranty [102003]Buy Now

Morphy Richards Accents Jug Kettle

Morphy Richards 43960 Accents Filter Jug Stainless Steel Kettle Brushed 1.2 Litre - 3000 Watt Buy Now
Morphy Richards 43960 Accents Filter Jug Stainless Steel Kettle Brushed 1.2 Litre – 3000 Watt

The jug kettles above from Morphy Richards Accents range come with 3KW rapid boil 360 degree cordless base. They have illumination on/off switch and water gauge. The maximum water capacity is 1.2 litre which is equivalent to about six cup of drinks. They are equipped with safety feature which is boil dry protection that automatic fail safe cut out. Other highlight features include removable limescale filter and cord storage.

Morphy Richards Accents Dome Kettle

Morphy Richards kettles
Morphy Richards accents jug green kettle price

Morphy Richards Accents Dome kettle
Morphy Richards red jug kettle price

Morphy Richards kettle cream
cream kettle price


Except the center unit which label as “Splash of Colour”, the rest models are incorporated a mixture of stainless steel and plastic to create a distinctive look. They feature blue illumination in the water gauge and dual water window so users are allowed to fill in right amount of water easily. Another convenience feature is the 360 degree cordless base that suit for both of left and right-handed users.

All of Accent dome kettles manage to hold up to 1.7 litres water. They all equipped with 3KW concealed rapid-boil element and fail-safe cut-out function. On top of that, they also benefits from removable limescale filter to keep your water clean all the time.

If you wish to make your kitchen come to life with energy, then pick the “Splash of Colour” unit. The splash of Burgundy Red on the polished stainless steel kettle is designed to introduce warmth and energy inside your home. Its quiet boil technology lets you continue your phone conversation or face to face chatting uninterrupted in kitchen whilst waiting for cup of coffee. If you are away from your kitchen, you can activate the optional whistle on this Morphy Richards kettle so you will be noticed when your brew is ready to avoid energy wasting due to re-boiling.


Morphy Richards Meno Traditional Kettle

Morphy Richards Meno kettleThe Morphy Richards Meno traditional kettles not only look fabulous but they come with practical functions. The handle on kettle is stylish and easy to use. Users normally love the whistle when water is boiled. Better still, it can be turned off if you do not want to hear any sound from kettle.

These two models equipped with illuminated water gauge and can hold up to 1.5 litre or 6 cups of water. They added safety feature which is boil dry protection.
Morphy Richards traditional kettle

Other features include cord storage as well as 3KW rapid boil concealed element. The package contains a unit of kettle, cordless base, removable filter and stainless steel lid.

According to a buyer, consumers are allowed to register this particular item with Morphy Richards online in order to extend the warranty. The unit he bought is purple color which is perfectly matched with his kitchen. The user also feedback that water boils rapidly with this kettle and pours smoothly.


Morphy Richards Meno Jug Kettle

Morphy Richards Pyramid traiditional Kettle

Morphy Richards pyramid black kettle

Morphy Richards kettle pyramid


The Morphy Richards kettles boast a modern design and colorful finish to brighten up every kitchen. Their brushed stainless steel body is durable and the chrome accents add a touch of style.

They come with a useful function which is the optional whistle so users never forgetting they are boiling water and letting it go cold. Alternatively, you can choose the quiet-boil function in case you are preparing breakfast at kitchen while talking to someone else via the phone or face-to-face charting.

The water capacity of these models is up to 1.7 litres; means that you are allowed to make estimated 8 cups of drink at the same time for yourself and your family members. Those Morphy Richards kettles are equipped with 3KW rapid-boil element and illuminated water level indicator. 360° cordless base is another added convenience feature so users are ease to handling the kettle regardless they are left or right handed.


Morphy Richards Intelliboil

Morphy Richards IntelliboilSome drinks such as Chinese tea need to be prepared with particular water temperature in order to have perfect taste. If you frequently prepare such drinks and do not compromise with the perfect drink taste, then kettles from Morphy Richards Intelliboil collection is the best choice.

Those Morphy Richards kettles equipped with easy-to-se digital temperature control. With push a button, you can boil water up to 85º, 95º or 100º. Better still, they have one cup boil system that definitely reduces both of water and energy wastage.
Morphy Richards Intelliboil kettle

Similar to other popular models, Morphy Richards Intelliboil features 360 degree cordless base, cord storage, 3KW rapid boil element, removable water filter as well as water window. The multi-color illuminated water gauge is fun and there are total 4 colors display according to water temperature can be useful.

They also come with safety features include fail safe cut out function and non slip feet. There are a lot of positive comments about this 1.5 litre kettle. One of them said this unit is well designed and built, comfortable, easy to open and fill and relatively quiet.


Morphy Richards Filter Kettle

Morphy Richards filter kettleWish to have very clean and great tasting BRITA filtered water for making a cup of coffee or tea for everyday breakfast? Now Morphy Richards BRITA filter jug kettles make your dream comes true.

Morphy Richards filter kettles filter and boil water simultaneously with an electronic cartridge replacement reminder. Better still, the BRITA cartridges are 100% recyclable for they are green to our environmental.
Morphy Richards BRITA filter kettle

The maximum water capacity is 1.5 litre means users are allow to prepare about 6 cups of hot drinks. The safety features include boil-dry production and cord storage whereby convenience features are illuminated water gauge ease users every time fill in water, 360° base for right or left handed use, 3.1KW concealed element for rapid boil and easy cleaning.

The items come with the package are one unit of base, kettle, maxtra filter cartridge and instruction book.

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