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Narcissism in Leadership…

 Can a narcissist be a good leader? in this age of teamwork and collaboration, the narcissistic leader is emotionally not aware…Theodore Millon describes the dependent as among the “imbalanced” personalities, alongside which we find antisocial, histrionic and narcissistic personality disorders. In the case of the histrionic and dependent personality disorders, they are predisposed to meeting the desires of others, whereas the narcissistic and antisocial personalities are predisposed to selfishly meet their own wishes and desires. The dependent and histrionic personalities are thus considered by Millon to be “imbalanced” because they are inordinately predisposed to meeting the wishes of others.
They face life with an imperturbable optimism which often does in fact help them to achieve their aims. 
Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Donald Trump has it?  Many narcissistic leaders become more confident as they increase the number of followers, and very often this leads to flagrant risk-taking, which inevitably results in their downfall, For the narcissistic CEO, Maccoby recommends three ways to avoid the traps of their own personality. Let’s look at these and how they might apply to Trump in a governing –

“modify the ecological circumstances of their lives, ensuring first and foremost that the attentions and approval they need from others will be forthcoming. They do not sit passively, waiting for the competencies and skills of others to give shape to their lives. They do not cling or seek nurturance, as does the dependent personality. Rather the principal goal is securing attention and approval, a means to avoid disinterest and abandonment. In contrast to the dependent, they possess the will and the ability to take charge of their lives; however, they are deeply insecure, unsure of whether they are desirable, if not truly loved.”

Healthy and productive narcissists…

“Companies need leaders who do not try to anticipate the future so much as create it,” wrote Michael Maccoby in a 2004 Harvard Business Review article titled Narcissistic Leaders: The Incredible Pros, the Inevitable Cons. “But narcissistic leaders—even the most productive of them—can self-destruct and lead their organizations terribly astray. For companies whose narcissistic leaders recognize their limitations, these will be the best of times. For other companies, these could turn out to be the worst.”

Do you As noted elsewhere, like here, Trump is obsessed with constantly talking about how great he is and needs to change his theme slogan to making Donald Even Greater Again than he already is. u think he will respond with reasoned arguments or reason period?

No, he will attack the accuser and insult his way back, and more.

Forget about trying a …response on that selection, he will destroy first before admitting error or wrongdoing.

Folks, we better hope -is coalesced around soon, and that he displaces this egomaniac.

Those Greek columns borrowed from a movie set in 2008, … will not be enough to satisfy the need in Trump for adulation, I’m afraid…

Narcissism in Leadership

Can a narcissist be a good leader? This is the question that comes up -when you contemplate the possibility of a President Trump.

The Mayo Clinic defines narcissistic personality disorder as “a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.” Characteristics include arrogance, dominance and hostility…

According to psychologist and Harvard professor Howard Gardener, -it’s a “textbook” narcissist. And while healthy narcissism can be valuable in leaders, unhealthy narcissism can be extremely destructive…

Though many famous productive and healthy narcissists come to mind in the corporate world -Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Larry Ellison, it’s a bit more difficult to think of narcissistic world leaders that aren’t viewed as .)

However, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton all displayed many healthy narcissistic qualities while in power. These healthy narcissistic qualities include: self confidence that is in line with reality, a genuine concern for others and their ideas, and the ability to follow through on plans based on their values…

Conversely, unhealthy narcissistic qualities include: self-confidence that is grandiose, devaluing and exploiting others without remorse, and an inability to follow a consistent path because it is not grounded in values-

Healthy and productive narcissists can be visionaries with creative strategies, who are able to find meaning in the challenges of a changing world. Narcissists are not only risk takers, but also charmers who can convert the masses with their rhetoric!

Sigmund Freud named narcissism after the mythical figure Narcissus, who died because of his pathological preoccupation with himself. Freud said that narcissists are emotionally isolated and highly distrustful. They are typically overly sensitive to criticism, poor listeners and—though emotionally clever—they tend towards exploitation rather than “empathy”

Narcissists can turn unproductive when, due to their lack of self-awareness and restraint,
Narcissists they become unrealistic dreamers, says Maccoby. They nurture grand schemes and harbor the illusion where only circumstances or enemies are blocking their success.

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