Thundershirts For Cats

Thundershirt Cat Anxiety Treatment

You may have seen them online. Maybe they were even focused on dogs. But, did you know that the thundershirt can actually be a great cat anxiety treatment?

Whether your cat has anxiety over visiting the vet, traveling in the car, grooming fear, or just a general fearfulness, the thundershirt can be used as an anxiety treatment WITHOUT medication. How cool is that?

Treat Cat Anxiety Fast

Cat Fearful of Visiting Vet

So many cat owners will try to put off taking their cat to the vet because of their cat is so very fearful of travel and visiting the vet. I know first hand that when you put a cat into a pet carrier, they immediately turn into a different feline. They get mad and often try to strike you with their claws through the smallest holes that they can fit their paws into.

This isn’t fun! Not for you, and not fun for your cat.

Cat Fearful of Grooming

Cat Fearful of Grooming

Luckily cats do not need a bunch of grooming, but when they do…. look out! Most cats are fine being brushed while they are laying beside you, but if you have a cat that doesn’t lay still when you are trying to simply brush them…. you better be on alert or you will get a claw to the hand quicker than you can imagine.

Cat General Fear

Then there are cats that seem to have a general fear of…. everything. Noises, dogs, fast movements, children making noise. As a cat owner this can get annoying, but can you imagine what it is like from your cat’s point of view? It would be horrible to have a general fear of EVERYTHING.

Finally there is a solution. Take a look at the video below to see the Thundershirt for cats, and ask yourself if this nifty new cat accessory could help your favorite feline.

Thundershirt Sizes

The thunderhirt for cats are available in sizes, small, medium, and large and are great for all breeds and all ages of cats.

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Cat Thunder Jacket For Sale Online

Wondering where you can get a cat thunder coat? They are available at a few places online. One of which being They offer all the sizes you may need, and at a great price as well. To take a better look at them on Amazon, click on the picture/link below to take a look.

Thundershirt M Heather Grey Cat

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