Youth Baseball Batting Tips

Youth Baseball Batting Tips

Youth baseball batting tips begin with the fundamentals of hitting and they should turn into skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. We strive to help as many youth as possible with baseball hitting. Here are some basics to keep in mind.

Hold the bat firmly in both hands, keeping your elbows away from your sides so as to swing freely and swing using a strong snap of the forearms.

Keep your back foot firmly on the ground.

Your step forward and swing should be made both at the same time or as close as possible. Something hard to overcome is stepping too early and opening up your hips too soon. This can cause you to ground out or pop out. Many times it can cause you to strike out.

Another issue is stepping out too far. If you take a very long stride, you naturally lower the plane in which you hit and you actually become shorter than when you take a smaller stride. Balls which the umpire will call strikes will be high for you. Not just that though. You will hit under the ball and most likely pop out or fly out.

Never swing the bat as hard as you can because this is very ineffective and you won’t hit the ball harder than normal. Trust me…each of my home runs were nice easy swings. You naturally grip the bat hard and swing firmly whether you know it or not.

Learn to take a steady, smooth swing, bringing the bat around in a plane parallel to the ground, and keeping your eye on the ball. Hit the ball where you see it because if you guess and swing where you think it is you won’t hit it.

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5 Essential Youth Baseball Batting Tips

There are dozens of great youth baseball batting tips but you first need to start with the basics. A foundation if you will. These are important for the youth, parents and coaches.

Have fun. Relax and play the way the game was first intended … to have fun. Don’t let the small things bring you down. This is the great game of chances so there’s always tomorrow. This is the most fun sport in the world.

Keep your eyes on the ball. When you are batting the only place you should be looking is straight at the pitcher, his hand and the ball. Try not to be distracted by anything else. Stay focused.

Stand correctly in the batter’s box. Your coach should instruct you to stand shoulder width apart in the batter’s box. Make sure your feet are set and firmly have the balls of your feet planted in the dirt.

Have a smooth swing. Practice your swing as often as you can and swing the same no matter if it’s practice or the game.

Always hustle. There is nothing more a coach likes then to have his players hustle and work hard. The players who work hard are usually the ones who excel in hardball.

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Youth Baseball Batting Tips Video

Youth hardball batting tips begin with the fundamentals of hitting and they should turn into skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Watch as we provide you the top 5 most essential tips to get you started.

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