Anonymous Donor Gives $1 Million Gift to Hospital So It Can Be Divided Between Every Single Employee

The staffers at this California hospital are rejoicing after receiving a $1 million gift from an anonymous donor who asked for the money to be divided amongst the employees.

The donation was made this week to the Dignity Health Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, California. Although the donor opted to remain anonymous, they did include a note with their financial gift saying: “Thank you for standing up (and staying up!) to care for our community. This human kindness is what makes you heroic.”

As per the donor’s wishes, the donation will be distributed amongst each and every one of the hospital staffers who have worked at the facility for at least one year—from the security guards and lab technicians to the janitors and mailroom workers.

Full-time employees will be receiving $800 bonus checks while part-time employees will be receiving $600 bonuses.

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Staffers are rejoicing over the gift after spending weeks of tirelessly combatting the novel coronavirus outbreaks.

“There are so many people who keep the hospital running,” nursing supervisor Amy Loudon told The Associated Press. “Nurses and doctors are getting the praise, but we couldn’t do it without the staff who clean the floors, deliver supplies, fix machines, everything. It’s a team, and I’m glad the whole team is getting a thank you.”

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