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I am looking for a gaming mouse to replace my old one. Why should I buy a gaming mouse, rather than an ordinary one, for gaming? The mouse is an important device for a player in video games. Many, almost all, say that the difference between a good mouse and a poor quality may influence the obtained results, and for this the gaming mice are the most successful. A gaming mouse must meet three basic needs: speed, sensitivity and comfort. Other features are welcome, but are not that important.
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So, I compiled a list of the top 10 best selling PC gaming mice on online stores, updated every hour. So, at any given hour you always find the best of best gaming mice here! Being so, it is highly suggested to bookmark this page and stay tuned for future references. This will help you sure find the perfect PC gaming mouse.

Also find a list of the new released gaming mice and another list of the most rated gaming mice at this very moment. Both these lists are updated every hour. All the links are directly linked to Amazon, where you will be able to view customer reviews, product descriptions and ratings. If you know of a gaming mouse that is not included in any of the lists below, please tell us about it and share it in the comments section. Our readers would like to know about it!

Razer DeathAdder 2013 Essential Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

This was what a happy customer of this gaming mouse had to say

“I was very hesitant to review this product. I had a horrible experience with the original death adder.

Let me start this review with a bit of history. I bought the original death adder back in 2007. After putting my hand on this mouse at the local brick and mortar, I fell in love. I am a palm mouser, and I wear large/xlarge gloves. So my hands are on the…”

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