CHRISTMAS, what is it?

Christmas as we know it today can 
drive you nuts.  Over the years I have
noticed it change every year – for the
worst.  It has been turned
into a commercial thing where the
merchants make you feel guilty if you
do not spend every dime you can get
your hands on.  Most people have no
concept what it is about, except that the
merchants are after their money.  Is it 
any wonder there is a sigh of relief when
this “commercial” holiday is over?

That being so, what is it that has brought
it down through hundreds of years.  The
merchants exploiting Christmas is no
surprise.  Mankind is greedy by nature 
and will pervert anything to gain a little
money.  But what was the beginning or
true purpose of Christmas?

Christmas it about a gift.  God’s
gift to us.  Mankind has gone it’s own way.
We have ignored the God who created us
and done our own thing.  This is called “sin”
by God.  God is a God of love – true, but he
is also a just and righteous God.  And God
cannot let us get away with breaking his law
any more than a judge will lets us get away
with breaking one of our man made laws.

Further mankind is incapable of paying for 
his sinfulness.  And God also being a God
of love decided to give us a gift.  The gift of
paying the price for our guilt so we do not 
have to suffer for it.

Jesus and God the Father are one. [No I
cannot understand God either.] Jesus is
the creator of the world and the Son of God
the Father.  He willingly let Father God send
him into the world so he could live and die
for us.  And in so doing we could
have life that will last forever.  That is,
if we will accept that gift, JESUS.

Jesus Christ is the gift that God gave to you
and I so that we might live – IF – we will accept
Jesus into our lives to be our Lord and savior.

CHRISTMAS, is the day that we celebrate 
Jesus Christ coming into the world as God’s
gift to us.

Are you ignoring the only gift that 
really counts in life, JESUS Christ.

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