Don’t get too attach to Social Networks..Ways to enjoy but not get too attach to Facebook or other sites.

Facebook Social Network Attachment leads to depression. Some helpful tips

Nowadays, there’s internet where we could do research for school related and other informative and entertainment purposes. There’s been alot of social networking sites to keep in touch with old friends, family and meeting new people. Sites like Friendster and Myspace are one of those tools to keep in touch. But Facebook is one of those popular social networking sites where you can keep in touch with friends and family.

However, speaking of Facebook and keeping in touch with certain friends; have you ever wonder why certain old friends or any people you may remembered from your school years either add you or delete or ignore you?

Have you ever wondered why the people you want to keep in touch with, don’t respond to you or don’t add you? But then if you are a new facebook user, wouldn’t it be cool to find friends you knew from high school, work, college, etc and that they added or accepted you as a friend on their facebook?

To answer some of these questions, I can say social networking can be fun or exciting meeting and contacting new friends or old friends from school. It can be exciting to add friends from high school or school years but then the drawback is that what if those people you attempt to friend request ignore you/deny you or ignore your messages. It can be depressing.

And in regarding keeping in touch friends on facebook, not all or everyone you may know back in school years, high school, college, elementary either would do the following: won’t remember you, can careless, moved on with other set of friends, grudges from the past, etc.

Here are some facebook tips and interesting advice:
1.) Facebook may be good to social network and keep in touch with old friends, family, new friends but be prepared if people delete you, ignore you, or don’t accept your request. So if certain friends or people have denied your friend request, add or friend request them in later time or move on. There are people who are clicky and picky and want to add friends or delete friends. Just like in high school or places, there’s clicks and people are choosy on whom they be friends with without getting to know the person. It’s people’s choice whether they delete or add friends and etc. Also you, as a facebook user have the right to delete or add people whom you like..People either delete or deny because they don’t know you or never met you.

2.) Move on if people ignore you or delete you or if they don’t like you. Don’t dwell on those who don’t add you or don’t answer your messages. There’s better friends out there you can meet and talk to.

3.) Don’t make internet/facebook sites your Life…Go out and do something aside from 24/7 sticking your face on the computer. You’ll just get facebook social network depression worrying about how come this person that or this person this or this person ignore me. Meet people in person than just only internet. Balance your computer life, real life, etc.

4.) If you had some facebook depression on break-ups, friends, research internet about those tips to help deal with those problems. Probably email a friend or find resources for advice on issues.

5.) There are other things you can do other than stay facebook all day long- Job search, hang out with friends, family, etc. Get out of the house or do chores.

6.) If people can delete, ignore, reject your request, you do the same.

7.) When sending friend request, if there’s a send a message button on their profile, why not send them a message first and then send a friend request?

8.) Don’t make your facebook a popularity contest just for how many peoples you add. No one likes being added and not being talked to or something. People add people they know or have met usually.

9.) Oh and some people when friends on FB, don’t send too many game requests. There’s certain people who don’t really play games or certain games you play on FB and they probably will get tired if you keep sending too many game requests to them.

10.) Limit your facebook usage, especially if you are job searching or in school (high school, college), etc.

11.) Becareful for peoples dramas status posts on facebook. Don’t mention names if you have drama problems with a certain someone. I know people like to vent. Just becareful and stay away from the drama.

I’ve experience some social network depressions. I understand how people would feel if friends ignore you, delete you, etc. But being too depressed on all the nonsense Facebook, is not healthy.

If you want to enjoy facebook, don’t get too attached. Either you get bored or depressed.

Being too attached to facebook, can lead to facebook depression. Here are some articles related to facebook depression –

I hope you enjoy reading reading this article.

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