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The Hennessy Hammock And It’s Unique Design

The Hennessy hammock is an interesting little design. It’s a testament to just what your mind can come up with when called upon to do so. The Hennessy hammock is not just a hammock. Absolutely not; it is a chair, lounger, and tent combination all in one. Not only that but it provides inexpensive, compact, and lightweight shelter. You can use it over sloping, wet or rocky terrain and be protected from rain, sun, black flies and wind. The entrance is actually from the bottom of the hammock and once you’re in, automatically seals behind you. It helps with posture thereby offering a nice comfortable contour, which keeps your back level and straight on a diagonal. It comes with straps called tree huggers, ’nuff said, which promise not to the tree bark in any way shape or form. It weighs in at an almost nonexistent 2.5 pounds and will carry some one the size of 100 times its weight. Its packaging is convenient 12 inches by 6 inches.

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For the backyard or the adventurer

One can experience a relaxing, comfortable feeling no matter if you’re climbing in the Rockies and camping out for the night, or taking a snooze in your backyard between plantings. It feels almost as nice as being in your very own bedroom, in your very own bed. Some people like it even better. This hamlet has been tested in South America, Canada, Australia, Central America, the Arctic, Borneo, Africa and other environments known for their hostility throughout the planet. This mattress is of patented design and will have you waking in the morning refresh in revitalized. There are those who have reviewed the Hennessey hammock and have said that they felt that they are coming back from their adventure than ever before.

It’s even therapeutic

But there have been campers who have reviewed the hammock who have either arthritis, old injuries and even bone spurs who are now singing the praises of the Hennessy hammock after just one night of rest and relaxation in comfort due to the special models of hammock which go by the name of the Safari Deluxe and the Explorer Deluxe. This ultralite alternative to the old fashioned heavy camping gear will change camping as you know it.

What’s so special?

Here are some of the things you’re going to love about your new hammock:

-The netting is specially made to protect against mosquitoes and other bugs such as sand flies or venomous snakes and lizards; should you happen to be sleeping in the tropics.

-This hammock will remain clean, due to the fact that it is up off the ground, in case of rain; it dries quickly.

-No matter what your surroundings, be it wet, rocky, sloping or muddy, you’ll enjoy the same comfort each and every time.

-Travel is easy and fast, thanks to its decreased weight and bulk.

-Setup takes approximately 2 minutes; it takes longer than that to make a bed.

Who knows? You may find yourself sleeping out in the yard more than in your own bedroom!

Here Are Some Great Choices For Your Next Camping Trip

Expedition Asym by Hennessy Hammocks with Zipper (2 lbs 12 oz)
Expedition Asym by Hennessy Hammocks with Zipper (2 lbs 12 oz)

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Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Asym
Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Asym

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Hennessy Hammock SCOUT Tent NEW Camping Biking Hunting Trekking Hennessy Hammock
Hennessy Hammock SCOUT Tent NEW Camping Biking Hunting Trekking Hennessy Hammock

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Hennessy Hammock Safari Deluxe Asym Tent NEW for Camping Biking Hunting Trekking
Hennessy Hammock Safari Deluxe Asym Tent NEW for Camping Biking Hunting Trekking

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Hennessy Hammock Review

While there are many hammocks available on the market, an examination of any Hennessy hammock review clearly shows that these hammocks are ahead of the competition for a variety of reasons. Not only involved in the provision of hammocks, this company produces a whole gamut of different camping gear, all of which have received excellent feedback.

Why these hammocks get rave reviews

There are many features that make a Hennessy hammock worth the money you pay for it. This includes firstly, the fact that their hammocks are designed with a diagonal axis, known as the ‘A’ symbol. This structure means that the right shoulder will fit into the left side of the hammock as an anchor point with the other anchor point being the knees. This makes the hammock stronger in terms of weight distribution.

The second feature is its snap tight zipper less closure that effectively seals the hammock when the person’s body has rested fully in the hammock. For some models, Hennessy has even provided a velcro fastener that allows the hammock to be sealed from within so that there is less risk of falling out when the person is asleep. Probably one of its most interesting features is the fact that they have a “never tip” design, and this is also one of the key reasons why the Hennessy hammock reviews are glowing ones. Most people feel insecure in a hammock, as there is a tendency for the hammock to tilt in different directions depending on how the body weight is distributed, however, with the Hennessy, this feeling is eliminated.

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It is also unique, in that the Hennessy is apparently one of those rare hammocks that care for the back of the user lying in the hammock. Instead of creating a floppy structure that can cause damage to the back in the long term, or over prolonged use, this hammock somehow manages to keep your back straight when fully reclined within in.

Let’s look at their features

Generally these hammocks are rated as 3 season and if you are planning to use them for general purposes, the material used will deflect the wind and keep the cool air out without loss to air circulation generally. However, if it is going to be particularly cold or windy, it is always advisable to either create a base for the inside of the hammock using woolen blankets or even a thin mattress to block out the cold air.

The obvious feature that is common to other hammocks is that it is waterproofed and come with a waterproof carrier as well. These carriers can be used, not only to store the hammocks, but also have separate pouches too that can be used to store car keys, wallets and even a small flashlight. Other little thoughtful features include the fact that it has its own version of mosquito netting that will keep these pesky and sometimes dangerous bugs out at night.

In terms of installation on trees, the straps are nylon webbing and these are gentle on the tree barks, but at the same time sturdy enough to hold the weight intended. Well, it looks like once you are armed with a Hennessy hammock; all you need is the jungle to use it.
But I think our favorite feature is how easy it is to set up.

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More Hammocks – What’s A Jungle Hammock?

First thought that popped into your head the moment you read the words “jungle hammock” – come on – was it George of the Jungle, or was it the visual of a hammock tied between two trees with the sea in the distance and the sound of waves gently rocking you to sleep as you lounge in the hammock? If it was the first, you are probably a movie buff, and if the second, you are in urgent need of a holiday!

Jungle hammock bits and bites

These are not the fishing net hammocks usually seen in holiday advertisements but are more durable hammocks used in the jungle. Generally made with mosquito-netted sides, these jungle implements are now made out of lightweight and fast drying fabrics and are meant for hardy use and abuse. Ideal to keep you off the ground, they are easily mounted between two stout trees and can be used for any type of camping or jungle trekking exercise. However, what is important is that the hammock must fulfill certain basic requirements.

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You need to choose a jungle hammock!

Before taking out your wallet to purchase the first jungle hammock you see, you need to ensure that certain specifications are fulfilled. Jungle hammocks come with specifications about bed length, i.e., how tall you are and weight specifications. Always purchase hammocks that match you in terms of length, so that it is easier to stretch out when sleeping, and weight matches as well. As the last thing you need after a long day of jungle trekking is to collapse into a heap on the jungle floor.

Other considerations include sleeping style. It is useful to note that the hammock will usually curl around you and therefore if you sleep on your tummy or are claustrophobic, the jungle hammock may not be for you. There are also couple hammocks available, although if your primary purpose is to use this on the trail, then it is better to get individual hammocks as cozy snuggles in the jungle are not all they are cut out to be!

Weather considerations are also important. In what type of jungle will the hammock be used? Examine the details provided on the label and you will find that most hammocks specify their usability in terms of seasons. While a variety of such jungle hammocks are commonly 2 or 3 season rated, there are the occasional 4 season rated ones as well. Lastly, it is also important to examine how heavy the hammock is. The average weight of an all weather hammock is about 3 to 5 pounds and this makes it portable but heavy, compared to the ultra light fabric hammocks that weight less than 1 pound, but have limited use.

The acquisition of a jungle hammock is about a promise to join nature as unobtrusively as possible, to blend into the environment and silently absorb the sounds and sights that are nature’s wonder. To do this in a meaningful way, leave the city at the jungle entrance and come home to what really is our universal home.

Some Jungle Hammock Choices

The Pro Force is our favorite


Pro Force Jungle Hammock Mosquito Net
Pro Force Jungle Hammock Mosquito Net
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Texsport Wilderness Hammock with Mosquito Netting
Texsport Wilderness Hammock with Mosquito Netting
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