Should I home school my kids?

A hard decision for some parents to make.
Do I have the patience the time and the know how?
Will my kids fall behind if I do try it for a while?
Am I ruining my Kids?
This is what I asked myself, and I got all of the above questions answered the first month of having them home while other parents
were off doing what ever.
I was a stay at home mom and loved being with my two, one boy one girl.
They are like night and day,completely different.
They were both having trouble in regular school. One was pretending to not know anything and the other could care less,just wanted to go to recess.
I did not want them to get grown and not be able to support themselves. I have to tell you it gave me a knot in my stomach. The percentages for people who do not have a good education are scary.
I am one of them, I never graduated high school, so this has real meaning for me.
When I finally had enough of the run around with public schools, and their excuses for not being able to teach my children the basics, I decided to just do it myself.
I went to the county and signed them out. We lived in Arizona at the time. They have a great home school attitude and a lot of support programs. All states have their own ideas of how to control child education.
I loved the freedom it gave me when it came to teaching the two children that I brought into this world and was responsible for.
All people have their own personalities interests and abilities.We don’t all learn or react the same to any one thing.
I mean if your child does not do well in a classroom setting,(can’t sit still because of boredom)try some thing new. Like make a game of it.
Get out the old playdow and make the alphabet.I put it away each time until it was learned and then started making words with it.
One thing I do know is you need to use your imagination if you want to keep them interested.
Another thing I did was to be future conscious,we learned according to their future.
One of my children really loves Heavy Equipment so we learned everything there was about that subject, along with the basic schooling.
My other one loves everything computers.
Wow, am I glad we did that. They had no trouble deciding what they wanted to do with their lives.
I don’t think there is enough time to go into every thing, but I did let them both go to public high school, as math is not a good subject for me ,and by that time they were way ahead of other students.
My one graduated at the age of 16, and is 19 now and a senior at University College. The other one had 2 years of college and now is enjoying own business.
Home schooling is a very good choice for those who have the time and interest, after all you brought them into this world, you should have some say in what they learn.

Good luck and what ever you decide, do it for them not you.


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