How to Wash the Dishes with a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters are Different

Tankless water
heaters are very different from tank water heaters so you may have to change
many habits if you change to a tankless unit. Washing the dishes is one of the
things you will have to do in a different way. Let us see how you probably have
been washing the dishes and how you should be doing it.

This is how
the average person who has no reason to care about efficiency washes the
dishes. He puts some dish soap on the sponge and then picks up a plate and wipes
it with the sponge. Then, he opens the tap and rinses the plate. He will keep
doing the same for each plate, spoon, fork and whatever is laying on the
counter. This method is not only slow. It also waster water and soap. Needless
to say people do it simply because they are lazy and because this method needs
no planning and is suitable for washing a few plates at a time and leaving the
rest on the counter to rot. You can wash the dishes in this way as long as you
have a tank water heater but it just will not work when you have a tankless.

A tankless
water heater is idle when there is no hot water use when you open the tap to
draw water from the unit, it takes a few seconds for the device to sense it and
start heating. That means cold water passes through the tankless water heater
heater and enters the hot water line for a few seconds. This is why drawing hot
water in a sporadic way does not work with a tankless water heater. If you open
the tap for a few seconds for each and every plate you are washing, the
tankless water heater will not be able to send hot water to you and you will
end up washing the dishes in cold water.

How You Wash the Dishes with a Tankless

To wipe the
dishes with soap and sponge, you need to fill a small bowl with hot water and
add soap to it. You use this solution to wipe the the plates and utensils. Do
not open the tap during this phase. Once everything has soap on it turn on the
tap and wait for hot water. Rinse everything one by one without tapering the
hot water flow and place them on the dish rack. This is the only way to wash
the dishes with a tankless water heater because you are using the hot water all
at once. It will also make you save a lot of soap and time.

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