IRS Tax Controversy: The IRS Has Become More Intrusive Than Ever

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The IRS has been in the headlines quite a bit lately. The 2012 tax season just ended last month. The agency will be playing a prominent role in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “Obamacare.” And of course, the investigation into the IRS’ improper targeting of political organization continues to shock and alarm taxpayers across the nation.

All of this points to an alarming but undeniable idea: The IRS is going to play a more prominent role than ever before in the lives of American taxpayers.

As a blog entry posted by the Heritage Foundation explains:

With the IRS under fire for its improper targeting of tea party groups, many Americans have also raised concerns about the agency’s activities relating to Obamacare. This week, we’ll be taking a look at just some of the many ways in which the IRS will be intimately involved with implementing the massive law.

It starts with taxes. According to the Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare raises over $1 trillion in revenue in its first 10 years—and more after that. You name it, Obamacare taxes it. As Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint recently stated:

“Obamacare taxes most people with health insurance, and most people without health insurance. Likewise, the law taxes many employers who provide health insurance, and most employers who don’t provide health insurance.”

Obamacare contains no fewer than 18 tax increases. What’s more, 12 of these taxes will be borne by the middle class, directly breaking President Obama’s 2008 “firm pledge” to those making under $250,000 per year that he would not “raise any of your taxes.” For instance, many seniors will end up paying the 2.3 percent tax on medical devices as the price of wheelchairs, defibrillators, and other needed medical equipment will rise.

Whatever your politics may be, and whatever your opinion of the president’s health reform act may be, the bottom line is that the IRS is becoming more and more prominent. If the idea of the agency meddling even more in your personal finances doesn’t appeal to you, you are not alone. But that’s the reality.

For this reason, it is more important than ever that taxpayers…

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