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The JVZoo affiliate program is one of the few affiliate programs that offers you the ability to get paid instantly, directly to your Paypal account.  Signup is quick and easy and approval or denial is fast as well.
The JVZoo affiliate program is the one to focus on if you like to promote JV products, or products that are brand newly launched.  They have a wide array of JV products available for promotion, but if you do not normally focus on JV products, or you do not have a huge list to market to, DON’T let this stop you from checking out the JVZoo affiliate program.  They also offer many products for those of us who do not have a list, and those people who are just getting started in the marketing field.

Instant Pay to Paypal

JVZoo Payment Method

JVZoo Payment Method

Did I mention that JVZoo pays directly to Paypal?  That is a great thing if you like to get paid instantly rather than waiting 45 to 60 days or even longer to get paid.  And check this out-  your payment comes from JVZoo instead of coming directly from customers.  This is great because it takes out the mess of potentially dealing with customers, issuing refunds, or having charge-backs appear on your Paypal account.  
When you first sign up for JVZoo, the vendors may choose to have your payment for their product be either “delayed” or “immediate” based upon your previous performance with the JVZoo network.  Keep in mind however, that “delayed” will still be fast, but it just may not be instant.  After being around the network for a while however, and get some sales under your belt, your payment speed for the majority of the programs you choose to promote will be instant.

JVZoo Signup

Signing up with JVZoo is quick and easy and if you want to take a look at it for yourself, you can click on the signup pic right here and will be taken directly to their website.

Oh… one other thing about this network is that they run affiliate contests all the time where they award big prizes to top affiliates. That is a great bonus and you don’t find that with very many affiliate programs.


Don’t Ever Give Up!

My biggest piece of advice to you as a fellow online marketer would be…. The online marketing field is so vast and so open right now, there is room for each and every one of us to make as much money as we want to make! There are so many opportunities around us all the time that we may not have even noticed before. If you are struggling to achieve the success you desire, don’t panic…. just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward! Good luck with whatever products you chose to promote and Don’t EVER GIVE UP!

Affiliate Marketing Training

Looking for some great affiliate marketing training? Tried to market online in the past but haven’t had the results you desire? Interested in promoting RAP bank products in an effective way, but not sure how to pull it all together? One Week Marketing may be able to help!


One Week Marketing is the same program that I followed and it was the solution to my problem of stumbling around the internet, chasing my tail, never making a profit. This program is a training portal that shows you some great ways to market any affiliate program online in a profitable way….. using nothing but FREE marketing methods.




I swear by this training program, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the same position that I was.


To check it out and to see just how much you can make, click on the picture and watch the free webinar to learn a little more about it.

More Marketing Info

More Marketing Info

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