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Learn how To Create and Grow Your Business

The world as we know it is ever changing at a fast pace and on a regular basis, technology, values, morals, are no longer set in stone.  We are having to constantly make adjustments in our lives.  So how can you make a major impact?  How can your business be one that is sought after and maintained with loyal customers and employees, or if you have your own business how can you keep loyal customers for years.  How can you stand out from the rest?

First of all let me tell you how I came to write about this subject and why I am really excited about where we are at in life right now.  I am 62 years old, I am a writer, herbalist, and public speaker.  I was born in Los Angeles, Ca in 1950, I am a Native American, I have made millions, lost millions and made it again.  I have always been a entrepreneur, I did work in corporate for a short time, and found it too stifling for my personality, I one child, (she’s in her 40’s) she is a firefighter, should tell you a lot about myself and my family.  

On both sides of my family, my grandparents and parents, owned their own homes, and businesses.  On my mothers side from the Indian reservation in Oklahoma and on my father side a little town called Paris Texas. From these humble beginnings came a family that is very diverse, some of us look Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic, and we are all from the same family, but with all of this diversity in the family it made it easy for us to converse with people of all backgrounds and cultures, we did not get stuck in a rut of judging others on the basis of their background. “I did join the Black Panthers for a short time but they kicked me out because I bought my Jewish girlfriend to the meeting.”  I was not there because I hated any particular race, I was there because I hated injustice.

Everyone in my family was and is a high achiever, they worked hard, never made excuses to fail at anything and always expected to win at whatever they wanted to achieve.  This brings me to the subject of Branding, we were Branding way  before it became a trend.  My grandmother (on my fathers side) bought her first home in 1925, because of the way she looked (Caucasian) she was able to purchase her home in a very nice part of Los Angeles, Ca. After that she purchased several more homes, then she opened up a daycare, after a while she had business all over LA.  She was known all over LA as the lady that helped others to succeed because those that worked for her were encouraged to continue their education and were given the time to do so while they worked, this was unheard of at that time. My grandmother was a pioneer so to speak.

The time we are living in now is a time to be a pioneer, to be and do what most will not do.  Imagine walking into a building that smells fresh and clean, it’s airy, lots of windows, there are flowers and plants everywhere, it is decorated in elegant style, fish tanks with colorful fish, rooms that are colorful and bright, music is playing people are laughing, there are puppies roaming around.  Now What if I told you this is a hospital or a rest home.  What would you say?  I have been to one rest home that is exactly this way. Guess what? the people that stay there don’t stay for long, they get well fast! and there is no constant turnover of staff.  There is never an empty bed.  This rest home is known for it’s hospitality and kindness.   I worked a place I will never forget, (I was there as a temp)  It was a business for people that were mentally challenged, they taught them skills for work and how to live on their own.  From the CEO down, it was a team dedicated to providing quality of life and care to these young and not so young people.  Ask yourself:  How can I provide something of quality to others?

To really make an impact in the world and last through hard times, you need to be someone that has made a difference in the lives of others, people have gone into offices and schools and killed innocent and not so innocent people because of how they were made to feel.  Some have not gone so far as to kill, but they have embezzled money and used blackmail or destroyed property to get back at those that have mistreated them.  In this time that we are living in more than ever before people want to be heard, understood and valued.  Ask yourself: How can I add value to the lives of others?

Do you pay attention to what is being said by your clients or customers, do you know their likes and dislikes?  Are you quick to go the extra mile for them.  Are you willing to change your policies if they are getting in the way of some that would be customers but can’t because of your policies, (are your policies too strict)?  Ask yourself:  Am I willing to make changes or am I stuck in a rut?

If you operate a large company or a small one you want to make sure that as many people as possible know about you and what you are all about.  Being consistent in getting yourself out there is taken for granted, but even more than that are  you known for keeping your word?  With your customer are employees the fastest way to lose credibility is to not keep your word.  This of all things is the most damaging to your Brand.  Ask yourself:  Do I keep my word, even if it is  inconvenient for me to do so.

 Who Are You?

Let people know who you really are.  People can spot a phony even if it’s on a subconscious level, don’t  try to be perfect, nobodies perfect so why would you want to appear to be so.  People like to know that the person they are working with or for are just as human as they are, when you think about people like Steve Jobs, Stephen Covey, Nelson Mandela, and Oprah Winfrey, what do they all have in common?  They are real! Open about their mistakes and flaws, they  do not (Steve and Stephen are no longer with us) try to pretend that they are perfect and they are loved for that, people have no problem feeling comfortable around them.  Ask yourself:  Am I approachable by all types of people?

A true leader is one that is able to listen and discern what is really being said, not just the words, but what is behind the words.  If you want your business to stand out (want yourself to stand out) then you need to know how to listen with the intention of really understanding not only what is being said but also what’s not being said and most of the time, it’s what is not said that means the most. Example:  Someone says, I really need a vacation.  What are they really saying?  Are they stressed, tired, are they having personal problems, do you care? If it’s the latter then perhaps you don’t really value the opinion or feelings of others, and that’s quite common, but for those that stand out and make a real impact in their business lives and personal lives, people’s feelings and opinions matter.  Ask yourself:  Do I listen to hear, or do I listen to understand?

People aren’t impressed for very long about what you know, they are most impressed by the things that you do, and they are paying attention.  So be aware of what you are saying, and if your words and your actions are matching up, because a sure way to gain or lose customers is if you deliver what you say you are going to deliver.  Ask yourself:  Do I walk my talk?

If you want to stand out and have a lasting impression in your business life, your personal life has to be up to par, if you pay any attention to the news headlines, you will notice that those in the lead that have a troubled private life soon find themselves without a business life.  How are you in your personal life, is it harmonious, are you a good communicator at home, are you patient, kind, considerate and giving, are you loyal and honest?  If you are not this way at home it will soon show up in your business life, or it will be exposed one way or another.  Ask yourself:  Do I have something to hide?

People that make a real and lasting impact in the world, those that are able to make money no matter what the economy, able to keep reliable friends and customers are the type of people that go the extra mile, they walk their talk, they are dependable, reliable, considerate, flexible, consistent, warm, hospitable, comfortable to be around, they dignify others, they are true to themselves.  Ask yourself: When I look at these qualities, what do I need to change?

If you apply the principles mentioned here, you will see some major benefits in your life and in your business.  But they have to be applied on a regular basis.

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