Location is a Key Factor for the Best Tankless Water Heater Performance

Make Sure You Find A Good Location

When an old
storage hot water heater is replaced by a more efficient tankless unit, a popular
practice is to install the new unit right where the old one had been. This is usually
done because the venting and pipes are already in place and the installation
time is minimized. What is often ignored is that using a bit more imagination
when choosing a location for your new water can give you better results.
options for the traditional storage water heaters are rather limited. Hot water
tanks are at least 50 gallons in volume that requires quite a bit of space so
they are not that easy to fit in all parts of the home. Keeping such a huge
appliance in anywhere other than the basement would also not be a good idea
concerning home decoration. Nor would it be safe to keep upto 80 gallons of
scalding hot water in your living space.
Tankless water
heaters are different. Occupying very little space and allowing for a variety
of venting options, tankless heaters do not need to stay in the basement, so
far from where you actually need its service. In fact, one of the most
important advantages of tankless water heaters is the possibility of installing
them in your kitchen or close to the bathroom. This underrated and underused
advantage can greatly boost your tankless experience.

Save Water, Energy and Time

A tankless
water heater located close to where hot water is needed saves water, energy and
time. One of the most severe reasons for waste in homes is what is called the
hot water delay. When you finish using hot water, all the hot water that is
between the water heater and your shower head is abandoned and it cools down
until the next time you need hot water. When you open the hot water tap again,
there is cold water in the pipes and this cold water needs to be sent into the
drain until the hot water from the water heater gets to you. You are basically
wasting water as you waste your time and you are wasting energy when you close
the tap leave unused hot water in the pipes. Keeping your water heaters closer
to your shower or sink reduces the waste and a tankless water heater lets you
do exactly that.

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