Pine Drop Leaf Table and Chairs

Pine Drop Leaf Table and Chairs Buy Now#CommissionsEarned
3 Piece Kitchen Table with 2 Stools

This pine drop leaf table and chairs set that with MDF and PVC top is the top choice for a small dining room. It comes with a natural finish that makes it easily blends into any kitchen décor.

This compact design furniture set definitely is fulfilling space-saving purposes while creates a cozy spot for two people to enjoy their meals together.

The built-in drawer is for you to keep utensils while the underneath shelve can be used to hold a bottle of drink and extra plates.

When it is not in use and you would like to save your kitchen space, let the stools nest under the table and reduce the tabletop size by closing the drop-down leaf.

You were probably aware that this is a furniture set that comes with wheels that offer mobility features. You can either use it in a small dining area or move it to the patio for an outdoor meal on any occasion.

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