The Ultimate Muscle Building Supplement Stack


Always been a skinny little fool? Need to pack on muscle quick? Well, that’s exactly what this supplement stack is all about, building muscle in a short amount of time. Although these supplements are extremely effective, they don’t work if you don’t eat and train right. So don’t waste your money on them if you can’t eat properly, making sure you consume enough protein, carbs and fats to pack on muscle mass. What you eat will ultimately define how you look and if you gain muscle or lose weight, but if your diet is on point then these supplements will get you ripped in no time. 

The Best Stack for Building Muscle

The best stack will contain everything you need to build muscle, so we will start with a whey protein supplement. For this stack it does not matter what brand you use, but Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein is highly recommended. Since you will be pushing yourself harder to build muscle, a pre-workout supplement is necessary. For a pre-workout you should use “Jack3d” or “Hemo Rage”, but there are other similar supplements on the market and any alternative will do as long as it gives you a boost. Now you need to make sure your hormones are in check, so you should purchase “Pure Test”, which is a simple DAA supplement. They are all the same, so you can purchase any DAA supplement you want, the brand does not make a difference but if you can get one that also contains Vitamin D then do it. Pick up some pine pollen, we recommend RAW Forest Food’s pine pollen supplements because they are the most potent. Finally, you will need a creatine supplement, any will do, but we recommend you get a powder that can easily be mixed with drinks.

Each of these supplements will be consumed every day, and here’s an idea of how you should do it. Consume a little bit of pine pollen early in the day, possibly with a protein shake or a smoothie. Take half of your daily DAA dose in the morning and the other half at night. Drink your pre-workout drink before working out, and then make a muscle building post-workout shake with whey protein powder, creatine and pine pollen. Put your full dose of creatine in the in the post-workout shake, and the pine pollen will load your body with natural androgens for recovery. Before bed, you will consume another one of these shakes, but don’t put creatine in it before bed, just pine pollen. When you sleep your body releases testosterone and growth hormones, so consuming pine pollen and protein before bed will ensure you build muscle in your sleep.




If you eat enough calories to gain weight and you push yourself hard enough to build muscle, then this stack will be a miracle for you. Creatine can help you pack on at least 5 lbs of muscle, while DAA and pine pollen will make your testosterone levels skyrocket. The whey protein is to ensure you get enough protein for muscle repair, while the timing of the muscle building shakes will ensure spikes in growth hormone levels during crucial times. After you exercise when your body is absorbing everything, and before bed when your body releases all of its testosterone. 



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