Watch Neighborhood Come Together for Hilarious Dino-Themed Social Distancing Parade

A Wisconsin community is being praised for coming up with an amusingly prehistoric way of having some fun together during their self-isolation.

In the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, dozens of people took to the streets in inflatable T-rex costumes for a dinosaur parade earlier this week.

Although the dino parade successfully brought the neighbors together for a much-needed morale boost, all of the participants and spectators were careful to maintain a CDC-recommended distance of six feet as they were marching through the streets.

“A couple of friends and me wanted to do something just for the neighborhood while people are sort of experiencing the monotony of being socially isolated,” Stacy Meyer told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the video below. “If anything, just to give parents and families a little bit of a break, some joy, something different in their lives today.

(WATCH the video below)

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