Todays Social Skill. Are Children Missing Something?


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When I was in School

When I went to school, back in the day. We did not have the technology available us that kids have today. Dunkin Yo Yo’s and Smiley Buttons were our big thing for a time.
After school activities from the Glee Club to the Foot Ball team were common place. Kids just hanging with kids that shared the same interests.
Weekends we went to the library and school functions. Again kids hanging with kids.
We used notebooks and assignment pads and passed notes to one another in class .
I never saw a commercial who had to remind my family that it’s a good idea to make time a few days a week to sit together at the dinner table, that was a given each and every night.
I knew who my friends were, where they lived and their phone numbers.
With being as advanced as it is today and the fact that we use with out even batting an eye lash, what effect do you think it will have on today’s multi-tasking family?
Texting and driving, microwavable dinners, I pods, I pads, cells, lap tops, on line gaming, banking, shopping, reading are just a a drop in the bucket that come to mind.
Do you feel we have gone to far, that kids are not developing the essential social skills they need to interact with others, in school, on jobs , with family? That they come home text pals, play video games on line and are open to many disturbed individuals?
Yes, I have a cell and I’m writing this on line. I do buy and sell on e-bay and I tweet , Facebook, and make U-Tube video’s too. Although, I had to learn how to interact with social media.
I like going to the mall, I like going out to eat with friends, I use the YWCA to work out. I like to be around people and enjoy them, but when I am lazy I do text my husband when he is downstairs and I’m in the bedroom to ask for a bottled water.
So? Where do we draw the line or do we keep going with the flow of change and leaving the old ways behind?

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