2-Tier Revolving Bookcase Table

If reading is your hobby and you enjoy reading a book in a living room, then consider having 2-tier revolving bookcase table next to your sofa. It offers storage space to keep your favorite books while the tabletop is ready for you to put a cup of drink.

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Revolving Bookcase Side Table

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The reason I prefer the 2-tier revolving bookcase table is due to its height. As I planned to have one beside my sofa in the living room, so I wish its height is slightly higher than my sofa arm. I then can place a cup of coffee or tea on the tabletop that easies for me to reach while I am reading a book.

The above two units are fulfilling my needs. You may consider having one in your young kid’s room to build their reading interest. The furniture height is at the right level for toddlers to access books that keep inside the bookcase. The little readers also can rotate the bookcase and grab any book that attracts their attention.

Revolving Bookcase History

revolving Buddhist arkBesides 2-tier design free standing next to the sofa, there are revolving tabletop bookcase and tower type. This kind of furniture design has been found in 8th- and 9th-century Chinese texts. It has been documented in imperial China and Knwon as ZhuanLunTang.

The following is information grab from Wikipedia:

“Revolving bookcases were popularized in Buddhist monasteries during the Song Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Taizu, who ordered the mass printing of the Buddhist Tripiṭaka scriptures. An illustration of a revolving bookcase is depicted in Li Jie’s architectural treatise the Yingzao Fashi.”

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