Octagon Picnic Table Plans

Octagon Picnic Table Plans

An octagon picnic table is a great addition to any bar-b-que. Buying enough chairs and tables for everyone for your family get togethers is very costly.

With the octagon picnic table plans you do not need to buy them you can build your own octagon picnic table.

Small Octagon Picnic Table Plans

Small Octagon Picnic Table Plans

You can build a small octagon picnic table with these clear, simple, and colored plans that will seat 8 adults comfortably and even more children. The small octagon table top measures 64” to the parallel sides.

The angles for the table top are 45 degrees and the angles for the legs are 60 degrees. Keeping all the angles the same keeps the tables easy to build.

Large Octagon Picnic Table Plans

Large Octagon Picnic Table Plans

The large octagon picnic table plans will have you building a massive picnic table that will seat 16 adults comfortably and even more children.

This table measures 80” to the parallel sides. Imagine having your family together and having enough room to all sit around together face to face. Plenty of room for everybody.

Don’t let the massive size of the large hexagon picnic table scare you away from building it yourself. This table is just as easy to build as the small octagon table it is just bigger and seats more people.

There are only the two angles 45 degrees for the table top and 60 degrees for the legs. You may need a friend or two to help shift the octagon table into position though.

Build Your Octagon Picnic Table In A Weekend

You should be able to build your table with these octagon picnic table plans in a weekend. If you are a skilled carpenter then you can build even the large octagon picnic table in a day.

With some household tools, wood and some time you will have the octagon picnic table built and ready for your next family get together.

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