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Every Spring and Fall, homeowners face the daunting task of hauling out stepladders or extension ladders and climbing up onto roofs to do an inspection of their shingles and gutters. Springtime means removing the winter’s collection of sticks, twigs, acorn caps and cottonwood cotton that collects in these gutters and can lodge in downspouts spilling summer rain over the gutter lip.  Standing water in gutters provides a lovely nursery for the hatching of mosquitoes, which, in some parts of the country, and carry a host of unpleasant diseases.  Climbing on the roof can be dangerous, ladders slide and twist and can cause a nasty fall or even death.  A dear friend who had hiked across Alaska from the coast to the Arctic Circle alone, fending off bears and wolves, returned home completely unscathed and full of interesting stories, but, while helping a neighbor fix a hole in his shed roof, fell eight feet from a ladder and died of a broken neck. The Autumn is no better, digging globs of soggy leaves from the gutters before they lodge in the downspouts, burying tons of sticks and acorns in the middle of the mess.



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Mesh Gutter Screens-Yay or Nay

Mesh Gutter Screens-Yay or Nay

Although this can be a quick job for a warm Fall afternoon , keeping you out of the house and away from the tv and football, salsa and chips and other refreshments, many homeowners are considering enclosing their gutters with the new heavy gauge wire mesh screens, which shuts out all but the smallest particles of debris and removes the gutter cleaning from the “Honey Do” List for good.  Many companies offer the service of installing custom made to fit mesh screens to your roof, making it possible to do cleaning from the safety of the ground with just a garden hose to rinse down any small particles which go through the mesh.  Height of the roof and its pitch make a consideration factor for the homeowner if this service would be worth the additional expense.  Thinking of the danger, as a person ages, the inconvenience and the necessity to have a good ladder on hand , that expense may be well justified.

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Downside to Gutter Screens

Downside to Gutter Screens

Other than the initial cost of custom manufacture and installation of gutter screens, the only drawback to their installation could be that, in some parts of the country, or if they are installed on metal roofs, large amounts of snow and ice collecting on, or sliding down  a roof can damage the clips holding the gutter screens in place, or remove them and even the gutter all together.  We have all seen the youTube videos of huge globs of snow sliding down and burying an unsuspecting victim.  Imagine that snow and ice being accompanied by gutters, downspouts and the gutter screen, too.  All in all, they still sound like a good deal and a terrific time and work-saver for a homeowner to consider. 

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