Springtime Roof Maintenance

Spring has Sprung-Roof Cleaning Time

Finally, it’s spring. At last the north wind has lost its bite, and you can quit drooling over seed catalogs and nursery stock books and get into the garden and prepare the soil.  But first a little home maintenance needs to be done to prepare your house for the spring rains that hopefully will give that garden a good launch into summer.

Over the winter, gutters and downspouts have been collecting debris hurled at them by winter winds.  Acorns, pine needles, rotted crispy leaves and twigs have filled the troughs and clogged the spouts. Before the rain overflows the gutters and clogs the downspouts, homeowners need to get out their stepladders and work gloves and do some spring roof cleaning.

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Safety First when Roof Cleaning

Safety is of primary importance.  Check to make sure your ladders are sturdy, not missing any screws or having loose steps.  Wear rubber soled shoes, no flip-flops, or work boots with a tread.  When setting up a ladder, be sure there are no overhead wires that will touch you or your ladder.  Remember to set up the ladder on a level place, and shake it to make sure no pebbles or items underneath will make it tip, unless you plan to join the circus as a Flying Wallenda…didn’t think so…



Do a Quick Check of the Roof

Do a Quick Check of the Roof

This is a good time to do a check of the roof, too.  If you go up on the roof, walk around, checking for soft spots or loose shingles pulled up by winter winds.  Gather up and remove any branches, check the chimney for blockages from mud nests from wasps or swallows, birds or bees’ nests and the stand pipes that vent the plumbing. You may have brought up a bucket with you to collect the rotted leaves and debris.  Check the gutter straps to make sure the gutters are tight, and are not tilted downward to spill over.  Be on the lookout for bee or wasp nests before the little critters get too active in the spring.  This is the time to remove them from their happy home before they start stirring, and spray that location to discourage their return.  Check your attic vents at this time for any sign of breakage or pest access…raccoons and possums love an attic home and are very destructive, and no one wants birds, honey bees,  or bats in the attic, either.



Check for Gutter Leaks

Check for Gutter Leaks

A good way to check for gutter leakages is to have someone pass up the garden hose and check for runoff.  Silicone caulking applied with a caulk gun can seal any cracks in the gutter Washing out the gutter will remove the grainy pieces of sand washed off shingles, mud small sticks and other debris and insure the downspouts are running clean and clear..  In some areas of the country, rinsing the gutters may be necessary more than once if trees in your neighborhood release piles of cotton from cottonwood or maple seeds or aspen “cat tails’.

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Roof Cleaning Done!

It may seem like an annoyance, but having a well maintained home with attention to details like these can prevent a raft of future problems, and dealing with these in the early spring gives you more time to deal with the fun stuff, like  new patio walkways a new elevated planter bed, , dahlias, rose bushes and tomato plants! 

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