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In the wee hours of the morning, a commercial ran across my tv screen. It was for these stuffed plush animals that have a flashlight built inside their tummy. The next morning before my son left for school, the commercial came on again. Immediately these things caught his attention, so of course I had to take a better look at them, and soon, decided to purchase one for him to try for himself.

Flashlight Friends New Lower Pricing


After all, according to the commercial, if I want to keep my kid safe at night (in the dark) I should get him one right? I like him to be safe!

And what kid wouldn’t want one since they love both flashlights and soft plush animals? My kid would!

Since my son seems to get up numerous times throughout the night to grab a drink of water, and almost equally as many times to travel to the bathroom, I figured that one of these Flashlight toys would be a perfect solution for him, and… so far I was right!
Since the commercial for Flashlight Friends continues to be aired on tv about a thousand times a day now, I figured that for anyone sitting on the fence about possibly purchasing one of these, my review may be helpful to you to make a more informed decision before pulling out your credit card.
If for some reason you haven’t seen the commercial for Flashlight Friends, I included it here for you to take a look at.

What Are Flashlight Friends?

So what are flashlight friends? Well in a nutshell, flashlight friends is a plush animal with a built in flashlight right in its upper tummy area.

These stuffed animals have a little flashlight inside of them that lasts for hundreds of hours. All it takes is a gentle tap to turn on the light and a gentle tap to turn it off. It has an automatic shut off feature that turns it off after 20 minutes. Although it is built within the stuffed animal, it never gets hot to the touch.

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Flashlight Friends Characters

There are 6 different Flashlight Friends animals available:

pink unicorn
green dragon
black penguin
blue puppy
green turtle
and a …
purple panda.

Size of Flashlight Friends

The size of these Flashlight Friends is pretty generous. They measure 8.5 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

They are made of a soft plush material and are recommended for children over 2 years of age.

Where To Buy Flashlight Friends

Wondering where you can buy flashlight friends? Well so far, I have only found these plush animal flashlights are only available for sale online.

As with most as seen on tv products, they will probably eventually end up being sold in local retail stores, but as of today I haven’t found them anywhere in my town.

Two of the places that I have seen them for sale are:

the Flashlight Friends website
on Amazon

What Do Flashlight Friends Cost

What Do Flashlight Friends Cost

The cost of a Flashlight Friend is pretty much the same whether you buy one from the Flashlight Friends website or from Amazon.

Each one (with shipping and handling) totals about $27.00 and some change.

Not bad really.

The main difference between purchasing them on either site is the shipping time.

Purchase from the website:
Order may not be shipped until 30 days after your order 🙁


Order ships and arrives in about a week!

So if time is not an issue, purchasing from their website may be the way to go, but if you want your Flashlight Friend much faster, Amazon would be your best option.
 I personally purchased the green dragon one from Amazon just because I like to receive my purchases quickly. (Just a preference of mine)

For your convenience, I included a link to both for you below.


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Flashlight Friends For Sale Online

Flashlight Friends Available on Amazon
Flashlight Friends For Sale on Amazon
Flashlight Friends Website

Other Flashlight Stuffed Pets – Beamerzzz

If you love the idea of flashlight friends, you may also like these stuffed toys called Beamerzzz. I found a few of these nifty flashlight stuffed animals for sale on a website called Cuddleworks, and you won’t believe the price!

What would you say to $11.99 ???

Best Price on Beamerzzz

There are several Beamerzzz to chose from: a monkey, a polar bear, a brown bear, a giraffe, a black bear, and several others as well.

The link above will take you directly to the info page which shows you one of these cool flashlight stuffed animals up close.

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