Stuffies! Stuffies Stuffed Animals

Stuffies! The Stuffed Animal with Secret Compartments

Stuffies are stuffed animals that have 7 hidden zippered compartments! Think a pillow pet that can hold all your kids secret stuff. Kids LOVE these stuffed animal toys called Stuffies! They are BIG and soft and loads of fun!

In a Hurry? See All Stuffies Here

I know many parents (like me) think – oh, man, not ANOTHER stuffed animal…but these Stuffies are different – and the kids really, really want them.

Take a look at all the cute Stuffies animals below and also learn how to get them cheaper than what you’ve seen on TV.

Most Popular Stuffies

Stuffies - Digger the Dog
Stuffies – Digger the Dog

Stuffies - Prancine the Unicorn
Stuffies – Prancine the Unicorn

Stuffies - Sky the Giraffe
Stuffies – Sky the Giraffe

Stuffies TV Commercial

Here is the Stuffies TV commercial so you can see all the details about these adorable stuffed animals with the secret compartments.

The theme song kinda gets stuck in your head so be careful.

Also, the commercial claims that you can only buy them at their website,
but this is not true.

Amazon sells them here – and it’s cheaper than buying thru the Stuffies site after the Stuffies company tacks on that whole ‘shipping and handling’ charge.

Meet All The Stuffies!

Stuffies Dog Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Digger the Dog

Meet Digger the Dog – the adorable puppy Stuffies pooch!

Digger will be a big hit with the kids. The 7 secret zippered pockets give them plenty of places to hide their “Stuff”.

Stuffies Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Prancine the Unicorn

This is Prancine – the Stuffies Unicorn.

I know a LOT of little girls that would LOVE this Stuffie!

Stuffies Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Sky the Giraffe

And this Stuffie Stuffed animal is Sky the Giraffe.

LOVE the spots!

Stuffies Frog Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Shuffles the Turtle

I adore this Stuffies Turtle! Such a sweet face!

This is Shuffles the Stuffies Turtle.

Stuffies Dinosaur Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Stomper the Dinosaur

Say hello to the Dinosaur Stuffie – Stomper!

Stomper is really cute – love the purple color!

Stuffies Monkey Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Scout the Monkey

This is Scout the Monkey.

He looks like he’s be more fun than…..

Oh, don’t make me say it!

Ok, more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Stuffies Pig Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Muddzie the Pig

This is Muddzie, the Stuffies pig.

Bright pink and SUPER cute!

Stuffies Hippo Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Gracie the Hippo

This is Gracie, the Stuffies Hippo.

She is really cute and one of my favorites.

Certain to be a big hit with boys OR girls!

Stuffies Horse Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Dash the Horse

Giddy up and say Hi to the Stuffies horse, Dash!

Stuffies Bee Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Bizzy the Bee

This Stuffie is Bizzy the Bee!

Sure to keep the kids busy as a bee (ugh, I did it AGAIN!)

Stuffies Bear Stuffed Animal

Stuffies – Bravo the Bear

Say hello to this adorable Stuffies Bear – Bravo!

I have a 1-year-old grandson who I know would LOVE this (and WILL be getting one for Christmas).

Where Are Stuffies Zippered Pockets?

If you’re wondering where all the hidden pockets are on a Stuffies stuffed animal, here ya go!

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  1. I am interested in Embroidering on the Stuffies and selling them personalized at craft shows, state fairs, and other festivals. I also have a small shop in Louisville, Ky. What are your wholesale pricing?


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