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Which Is The Best Folding Bikes That Right For You

Riding a bicycle is great sport activity where you can spent quality time with your family and friends during spare time but most of people faced same problem when come into store your bike in the limited space especially for them who stay in apartments or smaller residents. Now is where folding bikes come in handy to help solve in space shortage problem.

A folding bike designed in such flexible connection bike frame and utilized uncommon gearing to propel small wheels and tired that can let user to fit into small storage space and offer more versatility and room for those lack of storage space.

There are tons of folding bikes on the market today, but how to choose the best folding bicycle that under your budget? There bunch of folding bikes manufactured by different models, makes and various of gear speeds that can be overwhelming.

Keep on reading this article to find out good folding bikes for sale and what you should take in consideration when buy a folding bikes. We also share few top notch cheap folding bike reviews under $300 so you’ll know what to expect before purchase a bikes.

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How To Choose A Right Folding Bikes

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Before you buy a folding bikes, there are some questions need to be answer to yourself on what requirements need to be included in a folding bikes. Typically, most folding bikes have the capability to fold as small as it can be in order easy storage proposes than those of conventional bicycle. However, the way on how does it fold is different between one model compare with other. Some use a simple quick easy release lever and a hinged break in the frame to fold in half but some other used more complicated folding mechanism that take long hours to fold up.

Another key feature that need to take in consideration is how the fold design happen on the main frame. Most common folding bikes have to break the main frame triangle in order to fold into pieces. A good folding bikes usually will use employ clamps, hinges and quick release locking mechanism that stay shut while riding but unlock quickly.

The best of folding bikes usually come with convenient foldable features that allow rider to control the flexibility on pedals and handlebar which have additional hinges and quick locking system to fold up even smaller. Each folding bike manufacturers have they own sell point and cons. So, it’s good to read detail on customer manual and user’s reviews before make decision on purchase.

Shimano 6 Speeds Folding Mountain Bike

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The Shimano 6 speeds folding mountain bike designed with compact, stylish and convenience concept that offer adjustable handlebar and seat post for comfortable riding experience. It’s easily folder within 15 seconds for ease storage and fit in most compact car’s rear trunk.

It’s features with lightweight frame that can hold up rider’s weight up to 200 lbs. Below are some key feature includes:

– Build with lightweight alloy front/rear V brake and rims
– Come with Shimano 6 speed shifter and derailleur
– Folding frame and steel fork
– Stem: Folding 3PCS EXT:100 25 degree 22.2×150,with safe line T=1.4

Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike

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If you’re looking easy folding, simple and reasonable price folding bike, then you should consider Dahon Boardwalk folding bike for entry level. The Dahon Boardwalk designed with lightweight alloy frame that build for fast-folding capability in about 15 seconds down to wonderful compact small sizes for easy storage. It’s come with adjustable stem and seat post that allow you to customized the height to fix riders from within 5 feet to over six feet tall.

Don’t under estimate the small sized wheels on Dahon bike, it’s designed for adult that can hold rider’s weight with maximum of 250 pounds and perfect for quick errands around town, a ride to near by cafe or a leisurely ride in the park. However, the disadvantage of small wheeled bike is you lose some speed compare with other conventional road bikes.

Affordable, Simple and Best Entry Level Folding Bike – Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike

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Introducing the Schwinn Loop 7-Speed folding bike that designed with 15 minutes easy folding feature that allow you to store your bike in limited space compartment and get unfolded fast for town or leisurely park riding. It’s build with lightweight and stand-over durability allow frame to provide secure ride for everyone include adult and kids.

It’s also come with convenience build-in rear carrier that allow you to attach on a bag or basket and carry your belonging during ride. The Schwin Loop is a 7 speed folding bike that provide various type of speed from bumpy road ride to commuting. The 20-inch alloy rims and city tires make it perfect for road riding and the front and rear fenders protect your clothing from dirty mud spray.

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