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LED flashlights have been on the market for years and have really gained popularity because the cost of owning one has become ridiculously low.  Walk into any hardware store and I can almost guarantee you that you will find an assortment of LED flashlights for under $2.  

The main reasons why so many people want LED flashlights is because the bulb do not burn out, batteries do not have to be replaced as often, they produce extremely bright light, and are much smaller than tradition incandescent lights.  

Some companies like Maglite offered LED conversion kits for a hefty price. Cheap LED flash can be found in almost every small store so there is little benefit in converting one when you can buy a brand new one for almost the same cost.

I buy LED flashlights for the long term. My first LED flashlight that I bought from CC Crane Company still hangs on my front door. I paid about $30 and though it’s not that bright, it was made to last a lift time.

I like to go on early runs up in the mountains while it’s still dark.  Often, I am running 2 hours before the sun rises and I need an LED flash light that lasts more than 2 hours.  Some LED lights will last up to 70 hours before going dark.

Dorcy Floating Water Proof LED Flash Light

Dorcy Water Proof LED Flashlight ReviewDorcy Water Proof LED Flashlight ReviewCHECK PRICE

This Dorcy water proof LED flash light has been our favorite camping flashlight for 2 years.  We bought 2 of them and one of them still  has the original batteries.  We bought it because it’s water proof.  My kids are constantly dropping things in places like toilets and other hard to reach area.

I keep two of them in my vehicle all the time because I know that it will always work.

Ultra Fire 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight

Ultra Fire LED FlashlightUltra Fire LED FlashlightCHECK PRICE

Priced under $10, this flashlight is a bargain.  However, make sure that you read the reviews before buying this flashlight.  Not everyone gets the same flashlight. For less than 10 bucks, it’s worth taking a chance. 

I spent close to $30 for Nebo LED flashlight that is made in China.  It’s a great flashlight that should be priced at $10 like the Ultra Fire 1000. 
It’s water resistant, made of alloyed metal, and has a 3 hour run time.

Dorcy Lightweight LED Flashlight

 Super Bright LED Dorcy Flashlight


Best Selling LED Flashlights

Amazon is my superstore for buying almost all of my camping equipment because of the selection and prices. Cheap LED flashlights abound. Read the reviews. When you buy an inexpensive off brand flashlight, some work great while others are just okay. If you stick to name brands like Dorcy or Streamlight, you can be assured that the flashlight is going to perform top notch.

300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight300lm Mini Cree Led FlashlightCHECK PRICE

Ultra Fire LED FlashlightUltra Fire LED FlashlightCHECK PRICE

Trust Fire LED FlashlightTrust Fire LED FlashlightCHECK PRICE

Dorcy LED FlashlightDorcy LED FlashlightCHECK PRICE

Cybertech 3 Watt LED FlashlightCybertech 3 Watt LED FlashlightCHECK PRICE

StreamLight LED FlashlightStreamLight LED FlashlightCHECK PRICE

Solar Powered & Hand Crank Emergency LED Lantern

31A606KY4 L. SL250 BO1,0,0,0
Hand Crank & Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern
buy from tan

It does not get much better than this-solar powered & hand crank LED emergency lantern.
It’s probably not bright enough to read your favorite novel, but in an emergency, you will be able to accomplish a lot with hand crank and solar powered LED lantern.

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  1. Fenix store is my go-to store for lighting needs. I’ve got at least more than 5 flashlights and 2 headlamps from them, and all of them are still working perfectly. That’s what I love about this store, you are sure you are getting what you paid for.

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