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How to choose the right tennis racket for a beginner, based on price, power, materials, weight, length, and balance.
Choosing tennis racquets for beginners can be a slightly confusing task, buying the most expensive does not guarantee that you will get the best racket for your needs.
Head size and racket balance needs to be considered so that the tennis beginner can still generate reasonable power and yet still have control of his or hers shots.

Beginners/Mid Power/Control Rackets

Beginners/Mid Power/Control Rackets

If you are just starting to play tennis it can be very tempting to jump in and buy a very expensive racket, but this is not always necessary and probably not advisable.
You should be looking for a basic, versatile racket, which you can get at very affordable prices.
The two extreme types of racket which can be disregarded for the beginner are the heavy, head-light, low-powered racquet intended for an advanced player. or the extremely light and powerful racquet which is designed for those who have the necessary skill to control the powerful swing these rackets provide.
The rackets listed here generally have an even balance and feature a midplus headsize (98-105), suitable for beginners who want an ‘in-between’ racket., one that is not too difficult to use , fairly forgiving but not too powerful!
These type of middle ground rackets are also very good for the majority of club / recreational players who hit the ball reasonably well and also advanced players who need ‘touch and feel’, but who like a bit of power from the racket as well.

Tennis racket grip sizes.

GRIP 1 is 4 1/8 inches.
GRIP 2 is 4 1/4 inches.
GRIP 3 is 4 3/8 inches.
GRIP 4 is 4 1/2 inches.
GRIP 5 is 4 5/8 inches.
For most juniors…go for grip 1 or 2.
For most women…go for grip 2 or 3.
For most men…go for grip 3 or 4.
Grip 5 is for a really big hand.

Head Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet

Suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

Head Liquid Metal 8 Strung
Tennis Racquet without Cover
ir?t=aurasingbount 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000OQBP7C41Am5K8n15L. SX300
Price: $84.95 & FREE Shipping

88 out of 100
Manufacturer: Head
Suitability: Beginner / Intermediate
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Racket Features

  • A perfect racquet for beginners, the Head has TSc which is short for (total sweetspot construction).
    This is designed to extend the sweet spot over as large an area of the racquet head as possible, enabling more control over your shots.
  • An advanced racquet dampening system aims to reduce the racquet vibration when playing your shots.
    No Shox is good for beginners or older players whose bodies may not be used to the strains of sport.
  • The racquet has a reasonably large 112 inch square face and is 27 1/3″ long.

Racket Description


  • Made from Heads own technically advanced Liquid Metal material, this makes the tennis racquet over twice as strong as comparable titanium racquets and nearly a third more powerful.

Summary :
This is an excellent racket with a large sweet spot and good power.
An exceptionally light tennis racket with a large sweet spot, power is very good and this tends to be a very popular racket amongst beginner tennis players who are ready to progress to the next level.
The Liquid Metal 8 is an affordable tennis racket that won’t let you down.

For those of you who would like a racquet cover or tennis bag have a look at some of these tennis racquet accessories.

Head Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet
41Am5K8n15L. SX100Buy at amazon

Wilson Energy Extra Large Tennis Racket

Great value beginners racket

Wilson Energy Extra Large
Tennis Racquet without Cover
Wilson Tennis Racket
Price From $19.00 – $47.68

88 out of 100
Manufacturer: Wilson
Suitability: Beginner
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Racket Features


  • The extra large head of the Wilson is the most distinctive feature of this tennis racquet, the large surface area also helps in generating a reasonable amount of power of the face.
  • Shock dampening is provided by the Wilson Stop Shock system and aims to make this a comfortable racquet to use for the beginner.
  • The use of Power Strings will also help to generate more power off the face.

Racket Description

  • The racquet frame is slightly concave which is designed to increase the sweet spot on the racquet, this should help to control and power from shots hit slightly off center.

Summary :
The extra large size of this make it a great choice for absolute tennis beginners, the rock bottom price is also appealing.
The light weight of the racket means it is easy to swing and is a good choice for those learning the fundamentals of the game. It can be difficult to generate power from the racket and intermediate players would be best to spend a little more.

Wilson Energy Extra Large Tennis Racquet without Cover
Wilson Beginners Tennis RacketBuy at amazon

Play Better Tennis in Two Hours

A Great Tennis Handbook for Beginners and Advanced Players.

Oscar Wegner is a highly respected international tennis coach who has been on the tennis tour as well as commentating on ESPN, but don’t let this put you off if you are a tennis beginner because Oscar breaks the game of tennis down to simple fundamentals.
The approach taken in this book is to debunk all the overly complex techniques taught by most tennis coaches and get back to enjoying a simpler more intuitive game.
The coaching is focused on putting all your effort to simply hitting the ball correctly, after this everything else will take care of itself.
  • Move to the ball efficiently and fluidly
  • Stop worrying about foot position and stance
  • Hit every stroke harder and more accurately
  • Put a wicked topspin on your forehand
  • Master both one- and two-handed backhands
  • Combine control and power on your volleys
  • Put more speed and spin into your serve and more punch in your return

Here are some of the comments made by readers of the book:-
 ” The book works for beginners as well as advanced club players. “
” The truth is I reread this book three times looking for the truth it held. ”
” This book was very informative, helping to both dismiss the dogmatic training of old and to introduce new techniques for beginners and advanced players alike. ”

Head Liquidmetal 4 Tennis Racquet

Head Liquidmetal 4
Tennis Racquet

Head Liquidmetal 4

Price: $74.95 at

90 out of 100
Manufacturer: Head
Suitability: Improving Beginner / Intermediate
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Racket Features

  • Another one the Head range of rackets that makes use of the Liquid Metal material, this enables the racket to deliver increased power over titanium rackets.
  • The high tech Liquid Metal material structure means that it does not deform on impact allowing the full force of your swing to be transferred to your returns,volleys and serves.

Racket Specifications

  • Designed with tennis players who have an an average power swing style the racket can generate good power with maximum control.
  • Large sweet spot increases the shot control for tennis novice’s.
  • Racket has Head’s NOShox dampening system to cut down on racket vibration.


Summary :
The light weight of this racket makes it well suited for those who have a moderate to fast swing who require a racket that still offers a large sweet spot.
The string pattern is designed to enhance the control and spin off of the face of the racket.
A great choice for a more experienced beginner or intermediate player.

Head Liquidmetal 4 Tennis Racquet
Head Liquidmetal 4 Tennis RacquetBuy at amazon

Prince AirO Ignite MP Tennis Racquets

Prince AirO Ignite MP
Tennis Racquets
Prince AirO Ignite MP Tennis Racquets
Price: $48.00 – $63.67 & FREE Shipping

74 out of 100
Manufacturer: Prince
Suitability: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
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Racket Features

  • Lightweight construction featuring Prince’s AirO technology for a large sweet spot.
  • The aerodynamics of this racket are designed to help reduce drag for a faster swing speed.
  • Featuring Prince’s Triple Threat technology, this system uses woven titanium copper and also carbo in strategic places on the racquet to increase your control and power.
  • 27 inches in length and with a 105-square-inch head.

Racket Description


  • Length: 27 inches
  • Racquet comes prestrung and includes a racquet cover.
  • Weight: 9.5 ounces unstrung
  • Balance: 13.6 inches

Summary :
The Prince AirO Ignite tennis racquets comes prestrung and also include a racquet cover which many do not at this lower price point.
Suitable for beginners all the way up to advanced players the racquet is designed to provide good control and outstanding playability.

Prince AirO Ignite MP Tennis Racquets
Prince AirO Ignite MP Tennis RacquetsBuy at amazon

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