wilson titanium golf ball review

Wilson Titanium Golf Ball Review

If you are looking for a reasonable quality golf ball and a low price you can’t do much better than wilson titanium golf balls
I shoot in the low 80s and find the wilson titanium golf ball great for the price it has great feel, which you would associate with a much more expensive golf ball. I’ve tried a lot of different cheap golf balls, they don’t tend to wear well and suffer from a lack of feel, these wilson titanium golf balls in my opinion are the best for the money I have come a crossed
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Recent Golf Outing with Jim

A few days ago a friend and I decided to have a round of golf we were on the 6th hole, a power 5
I needed to give this ball a good whack off the tee but things didn’t go to plan I hooked the ball into the rough, well I think it went into the rough, Jim and I were looking for this ball so long we had to wave the next group through. Jim said “what do you call that stroke you just did back there” I said with a bit of embarrassment “well I thought I was on the 10th it’s got a dog leg,” knowing that he didn’t know this course very well. Jim turned to me and stared, and then he said “I may not know this course but I’m not completely stupid and any way I’ve played with you before and well your games not getting any better is it” he of course was right and then he said “lets just put your ball assuming you have more than one on the edge of the fairway” well obviously with my game I’ve got a bag full of these Wilson Titanium Golf Ballsir?t=wilson06 20&l=ur2&o=1 and at about 50 cents a ball I didn’t mind losing a few. Anyway I put my ball down and Jim said, “those balls you play with are pretty good aren’t they, but even they cannot help your game, I am surprised you can afford to lose so many”. My next stroke ended in the bunker further up the fairway, Jim turned to me and gave me the usual stare and said, “well at least you managed to hit this one straight,” “well” I said “I guess that’s true”.

Wilson Golf Balls

If you are looking for a reasonable quality golf ball at a low price you can’t do much better than titanium golf balls from Wilson
My game as I’ve got older has declined but on a forgiving course I would use pro v’s though they are quite expensive so I can’t afford to lose many. On my local course which has a lot of wooded areas along the fairways I use Wilson Titanium Golf Ballsir?t=wilson06 20&l=ur2&o=1, some people say they don’t have much feel to them around the greens but to me they feel soft and give good feedback. I can back spin them from a 100 yards in and they last at least a couple of rounds which when you consider the cost per ball its peanuts and you can afford to lose a few at these prices.

Christmas Gift

These Wilson titanium golf balls would make a great Christmas gift. I regularly hit these babies 250 yards they fly and roll straight. If you have a tendency to slice this is a great deal for the amount of balls that you get, the delivery is quick the golf balls are well packaged.

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