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The Ballet Dance Routine – Packaged So You Can Learn Faster

THE BALLET BIBLE (official!) is a dancer’s guide that gives an over-view of ballet history, a ballet glossary, (French words for ballet), ballet barre work, and ballet center work. Recommended for all students of recreational dance. Photos accompany the informational text, and videos are included also. This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD package with tons of video bonuses.

Elegance in Ballet Depends on How You Build Strength in Core Muscles

Elegance in Ballet Depends on How You Build Strength in Core Muscles

Making ballet look easy and elegant is the goal of ballerinas and the men in ballet. Effortlessness shows strength , and boys in ballet must work for a masculine elegance while showing muscular prowess, as a rescuing prince or charismatic villain.
Ballerinas strive for fluid arm movements, a supple upper back, and other movements requiring flexibility supported by the steel of their core muscle
If you want to start ballet, or get back to ballet and feel nervous about getting into a class, THE BALLET BIBLE is a great reference. You can learn or review all the details about ballet barre routines and simple ballet steps.
Try the Ballet Bible for a confidence boost.
Whatever stage of classical ballet training you are in, or aspire to, you can achieve elegance in your ballet dancing. How well you build strength in your core muscles will also affect your work in pointe shoes, and for the men in ballet, your partnering skills and princely or villainous virtuosity.
The BALLET BIBLE shows you, with photos and videos, the right and wrong ways, so you can start learning ballet. 
Get your copy of The Ballet Bible for the details you need to know in ballet barre exercises.

Ballet Performance Wear

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So never mind if you’re not in satin ballet pointe shoes yet.  You still need the legwarmers!
Honestly,  these are not-for-show accoutrements! The warmth they provide before, during, and after class prevent a lot of muscle stiffness, especially in cold or damp weather.
After you have changed out of your leotards and tights, (and leg warmers), put them back on! That way you will cool off slowly, and your muscles won’t tighten so much. 
These are wonderful to have for when you’re practising at home, after studying your Ballet Bible. You’ll do a some  warm up exercises, and be ready to exert those muscles!
If you have a long transit ride, or a long drive to your adult beginner ballet classes, wear your leg warmers! You’ll be cozy and warm for class.

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