Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Best Bathroom Accessories – Curved Shower Curtain Rod

If you are a hotel regular guest, you’ve most probably have seen those curved shower curtain rod on the bathroom that making the shower space by 20 to 30 percent bigger.

Now, you can have it for your own bathroom! It’s very easy to install and usually available in packages, and regardless your bathtub is oval or rectangular-shaped.

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My Shopping Experience

Over the weekend, I visited our local store looking for this kind of product. The sales lady shows me a video clip on how does it benefits and increases the area of the bathtub. (You may find the similar video clip at the end of this page).
Without further consideration, I get one of them as I know that my bathroom is a little too small. These definitely solve my problem.

Moen Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Double Curved Shower Rod Chrome price
Moen DN2141CH Double Curved Shower Rod Chrome
The sales lady did recommend Moen products, although I did not get it as it out of my budget. But I do get to know some great information from this company.

As many of you know about Moen products, their dedicated design, and functionality with durability that last a lifetime. Their curved shower rod works well with any standard shower curtains.

The instructions are clear and easy to use. Without having to remodel, it easily adds 6 to 7-Inch of elbow room to the shower. #CommissionsEarned

By Zenith Products

Adjustable Curved Rod price
Zenith 56-Inch to 72-Inch Adjustable Curved Rod
If you looking for at least 25% extra space in the shower and give the bather a roomier feel, then consider the manufactured by Zenith. With the innovative design, it created an open atmosphere and given more space in the showing areas.

The main advantages of this are, it adjustable in lengths with screw mounted, long-lasting, and good looks in any shower. #CommissionsEarned

Double Curved Adjustable Shower Rod

Some people may consider Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod as it doubles your storage space for towels or other bath accessories. You can upgrade your shower with this double rob so that it allows you to hang your curtain and shower liner separately.

Again, I didn’t choose it because I already have a towel hanging rack. But if you like to have a combined unit, do consider it.

Kingston Brass CCD2175 Adjustable 60-Inch-72-Inch Double Curved Stainless Steel Shower Curtain RodKingston Brass CCD2175 Adjustable 60-Inch-72-Inch Double Curved Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rod. #adBuy NowZenna Home 35644SS NeverRust Aluminum Double Curved Tension Shower Curtain RodZenna Home 35644SS NeverRust Aluminum Double Curved Tension Shower Curtain Rod. #adBuy NowMoen DN2141CH Adjustable Double Curved Shower Rod ChromeMoen DN2141CH Adjustable Double Curved Shower Rod Chrome. #adBuy Now

Popular Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Curved Shower Rod White End Cap with White Accent Ball price
Rotator Rod SWW60Y Curved Shower Rod White End Cap with White Accent Ball
I would like to share my personal experience with these products. The reason I’m getting a curved curtain rail instead of straight is it gives me more space when I shower in the bathtub. Not only that, but it also reducing water splash and waste.

Better still, it’s the same cost as a traditional rod. Curved shower curtain rods are the easiest way to increase the usable space, cheaper upgrades that you can make for your bathroom.

Thus, you may consider picking this best selling curved shower curtain rod in case your are re-modeling your bathroom. #CommissionsEarned


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