Decorating with Fairy Lights

Christmas lights are magical decorations it’s no wonder they are also called fairy lights. Scroll through the whole page for a great selection from balls of stars, to strings of energy saving lights, to night lights and pathway lights. There is bound to be something here to suit everyone and I hope you enjoy browsing.

Most people call them Christmas lights but for me they will always be Fairy Lights since they represent Magic! Besides, you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy them! Indeed, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah celebrated for eight days and eight nights is also knows as the Festival of Lights and is marked with the lighting of an eight candle candlelabrum. Many other religious also use lights as symbols of celebration.
For me they represent hope – lights shining in the darkest of the winter days – that speak of a hope for peace, a coming together of people and communities.

Image credit: Bethlehem Lighting Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Standard Star Sphere 100 , Multi-Colorir?t=faiseltri 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000EVQ7ZW

Christmas Lights

Balls of Lights

Christmas lights in a sphere of starlight

 Bethlehem Lighting Indoor

This magnificent sphere has 100 mini lights that will light up your world. It measures 7 inches or so in diameter and has a 144 inch long lead. The lights are guaranteed for 3 years and will stay lit for around 3000 hours. Each bulb is fits in a twist lock and even if one stops working, the rest will continue. Safety Certified–Lights are UL listed


 Starlight Sphere 100 Lights Starlight Sphere 50 Lights Starlight Sphere 50 Lights

Energy Saving

Energy Saving LED Christmas Lights

 Sewell Direct Linkable Color

A beautiful set of 100 round lights in red, green and blue. The bulbs are LED for low energy use and long life. Can be used indoors and outdoors.


LED Energy Saving Bulbs

 Mult Color Changing RBG

A string of 100 LED Christmas lights along 30 feet. These bulbs are energy saving and long life.


A Holiday Blessing
may your walls hold joy
may every room ring with laughter
and may every window hold a candle
Battery Operated

Battery Operated Christmas Lights

No electricity needed to space out these Christmas lights – these are all battery operated so there is no limit to where you place them.

 Battery Operated 20 LED Everlasting Tealights Battery-Operated Color Changing Everlasting Tealights Innoo Tech ** Green

Christmas Pathway Markers

 Snowman Outdoor Lighted Pathway Snowflake Pathway Markers LED Christmas Pathway Markers Lollipops Christmas Path Light

Reusable Lights to Submerge In Water

 Submersible Battery LED

These beautiful lights are ideal for adding sparkle to any water-filled display such as vases and centerpieces. They are run by batteries that will last about 48 hours. This box of 10 glow in a soft glow that changes color.


Traditional Christmas Lights

When I saw these on Amazon I zoomed back 50 years. There wasn’t the choice of fairy lights available then that we have now, and the lights that adorned our Christmas tree for many years were very like these ones. They were big and bulky I suppose but substantial and for the child me, Magic!
 Outdoor C9 LED 25

This string of 25 lights are multi-colored and are energy saving LED bulbs that can be used indoors or outdoors.


Decorate With 100 Lights

 Set of 100 Multi-Color

A string of 100 lights in red, amber, green, blue, purple, pink and white on a 32 feet lead. If one light goes on the others stay lit. Comes with replacement bulbs


Christmas lights fueled by the sun

 GudCraft Solar Powered Christmas

These beautiful blue lights are solar powered so no need for cables. They will turn on automatically when it becomes dark and run for eight hours.


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