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Your Home Your Dream

Everyone especially little girls have a dream about what their home is going to look like after they grow up.  There is so much to that dream.  It includes a home that they can love and adore.  It includes a place where they can feel safe and secure.  It includes a home that makes them feel like a princess.  

Granted this is helped out considerable by all of the movies that come out to show the girl being swept off of her feet.  Or more contemporary is the Queen who build her own ice castle.  And if you remember it was quit the ice castle. 

My dream home resembles the one in this picture.  Multiple stores, floors, kitchens, master suite and endless fireplaces.  And books, yes it must have a library built in for endless books, as well as a  yard for the dog and 100 children to play on.  Okay maybe not 100 children, but you get the point.  

But this leads to many other homes and types of homes and how do you get them.

Your Home
is waiting for you. There’s just a couple of things that you need. An agent that can help you and know what you want!

Your Agent

It’s not that your agent needs to be perfect, after all no one is.  It’s that your agent needs to be perfect in their search for what you’re looking for and not what they want to sell.

Your agent must be able to ask the right questions.  They have to be able to get a feel for what you’re looking for.  This can be anything from the age of the home to the neighborhood that you’re wanting to live in.  It also includes the amount of money that you’re wanting to spend, as well as the number of bedrooms that you’re looking for. 

But it’s not just about what you want, if the agent doesn’t know how to draw the paperwork up (and when you buy a house, there’s plenty of that) they have to know how to negotiate with the seller. 

Where does your
dream home take you?

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What Else

It’s really not a rhetorical question at all.  But it’s at the point where you have to decide what else matters when you’re going to buy a home.  Another way of looking at this would be: what are the deal breakers in you buying a home.

Everyone is different where this is concerned.  It can be the types, number and locations of the schools, parks, malls, grocery stores and everything else the comes with where you’re looking at buying a home.  Every family and persons needs are different in the area.  What is a deal breaker for you isn’t for someone else.  

I watched a show where the woman wanted to be in the city, the husband wanted to be in the country.  Obviously someone had to give on the issue.  But if both wanted to live in the country away from everything, even if the home is their dream home, they aren’t going to be happy if that home is in the city.  What this means to you is simple: you have to have a deal breaker list and tell you’re agent what that is.

If it’s a company like Denver Real Estate Mogul, they’re going to be one step ahead of you and guide  you through each of these steps.  They’re professionals in the truest sense of the world.  If however, you live someone where else, interview the agent and find out if they’re there for you or for themselves.  If you don’t like them, get another agents.  It’s your money and they’re working for you!

Make Your List:
check it twice, and find the real estate agent that will work for you!

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