Denver is one of those cities that you can write a lot about.  It’s hard to focus on just a handful of things that make a city stand out, but that’s exactly what this Sirgo is going to be about.  A handful of things that make Denver a smart city to not only be part of on vacations, but perhaps to live in.  

One of my favorite things that makes things a city like Denver an option is that of being a snowbird.  For those that may not be aware of what a snowbirds are, the simple definition is someone that lives in one city when it’s hot and goes to another city when it’s cold.  

A good example of this is someone I know where I live.  They are an older couple that hate the hot heat of summer, but live in New Mexico.  So during the summer months they come up to Portland.  They also don’t like the cold and snow that can come with living in Portland.  So, after the first series of rain storms, they head back down to New Mexico, their winter home.   Thereby making them snowbirds. 

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Living In Denver

Denver real estate is one of those things that you can buy and never regret buying it.  While the stock market may go up and down, the beauty that comes from purchasing a unique home never leaves.  In fact, I’ve heard many people argue the point that when the market drops, that’s the time to really buy the real estate that you want.  A stop market drop means an opportunity for you to invest.

What investing means varies from person to person.  What does that mean?  Simply put, some people may buy a home for personal use, while others realize that a drop in the real estate market is a prime time to invest in as much property as they possibly can.  Thereby making the dip in the economy work for them and not against them.  Consider this at even a further level in that when the economy does pick up again, you are in a prime position to invest in even more property and be at an even higher level. 

Denver A Beautiful Place To Live,
and invest in real estate. You’ll never be disappointed.
If the Weather Stops You...
consider becoming a snowbird. You can then have the best of both worlds.



Sports are the key to most any city.  Denver is no exception and arguable the best football team in the NFL resides there.  Yes there are other sports and sports teams there, but there’s nothing like football.  The Denver Bronco’s, be still my beating heart. 

It’s hyped on everything from the first draft pick in the spring, to the first snap of the preseason practice, and then to the first snap of the game.  It’s high on being the mile high city and everyone knows where it’s at and what it means.  They are a city of class and a team that strives for perfection and being gentlemen on and off the field.  Most teams can say one of these things let alone all of them.  

Sports and the Denver Bronco’s are just one more reason to live there and be part of the magic.

and even more specifically the Denver Bronco’s, could very well be a reason to have a home in Denver.

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