Summer In Denver

Denver is one of those cities that everyone loves.  Its one of those towns that has something for everyone.  If you want to watch football, you can.  And everyone that lives there loves the Denver Bronco’s.  If you don’t believe it, try telling someone that your a Chicago Bears fan or San Francisco 49ers!  Them there be fighten words.  

But Denver offers a lot more than football.  It truly has something for everyone all year round, this includes during the summer.  While it’s not hard to figure out what’s there in the winter (hint: the Colorado Rockies and skiing), it may not be so easy during the summer.  So to aid you in this area, there are a handful of things that you can and in some cases should do, in the summer in Denver. 


Denver is a beautiful
town in winter AND in summer!

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I love this picture of Denver because it shows so much about Denver.  It’s not just about sports or the mountains that surround it.  While those are key parts of the city, they’re not the only parts.  

Denver like many towns has so much to offer.  Like many towns it has zoos and festivals.  But they are very unique to the style and flavor that comes with being in Denver. There are festivals that are dedicated to food and drink alone.  So if you love to sample alcoholic beverages or food, these are definitely events that you wont want to miss.

If you have children, you’re going to want to show up for events on their lakes and zoos.  As well as the fact that they have cultural events that are sure to give a wonderful education as well as enjoyment to all that go there. 

The link of activities available has been included, because all that’s available is impossible to cover in a couple of paragraphs, and you wont want to miss anything that they have. 

The beauty of Denver
at sunset is unlike any other!



While this is last on my current list of things that you need to do during the summer months, it’s one of those things that is a real must.  Having lived in many places that have rough winters, including snow, I can tell you that Denver is one of those places that you don’t want to wait til the winter to move.  For one simple reason: SNOW.

It’s hard to drive, pack and relocate in the snow, let alone any black ice.  It’s one of those things that you really need to do before the months of cabin fever set in.  With that in mind, because they are so busy, you might want to consider the option of real estate sales as a new or part time career.

Be coming a real estate mogul, will set you on the fast track to know what the best neighborhoods are and where to stay clear on.  The commissions that you’ll earn from selling those homes, will allow you to move in had have the home of your dreams, as opposed to what you can barely afford.  

While selling real estate isn’t a mandate for buying a house, you may find that it’s something that fits you and your personality. 

While John Denver wasn't born in Denver
He brought it to life in much of his music!

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