Delectable Denver Colorado: 3 Niches To Get Involved With!


It’s not hard is it, to move to a city?  After all, there’s millions of them to chose from.  The challenge is finding one that you’re in harmony with.  One that you can feel it’s pulse from the time you wake up in the morning, to the time that you go it bed.  Such is the case with most any big city, especially one like Denver.  It has plenty of things to do, so the question is, how do you decide what to do, and whom to do it with.  

The ‘whom’ is the easy part.  Finding friends that you have like interests in, and you start building a relationship.  But the what to do is something that can be a big overwhelming.  Especially when you live in any city like Denver.  My suggestion for you is simple find those extra niches that you can become involved in.

While I am showcasing Denver, make note that this can be any big city USA or in any Country for that matter.  

the mile-high city, where mile high dreams can be made!

Real Estate

Real Estate

One of the easiest ways to get to know an area is to get into real estate.  It’s niche especially when buying is down.  It’s the prime time and place to start your investments and taking advantage of the down turn in the economy.  

You can invest in real estate in a couple of ways.  First by buying a home to live in.  That makes you a real estate investor.  It also gives you the opportunity to invest in other homes.  The more you have the more money you have.  As I heard one real estate investor say, “they’ve never been richer in their lives, while owing more then they’ve ever owned”.  Simply put, when you buy a home, you can then rent them out and have the renter pay the mortgage.  You in turn have rent free and clear when 25-30 years are up and you have your retirement paid for. 

If you’re not sure how to go about becoming a Denver real estate mogul, there are real estate agency’s that are designed especially to help you in this area.

Owning Real Estate...
allows you to form deep relationships in your city.

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Most everyone has heard of meetups by now.  But if by some chance you haven’t heard of them here’s what they are.  A group of people that get together to talk about or do a certain activity.  

They’re harder to come by in small towns, probably because everyone knows everyone.  But in large cities, they’re all the rage, and rightly so!  Meetups cover every category you can imagine and then some, which makes them the perfect niche for Any Town USA. 

Meetups are exactly what they sound like.  If you have an interest, people will more then likely be having groups that meet around that.  Business executives meet. Runners meet.  Stay-at-home moms meet.  If you love it, there’s little doubt that you’ll be able to find a group that meets about your topic.  That’s what makes meetups the perfect niche activity to get involved with when you move to a new city.  

Meet-Ups will...
change your life in so many ways.

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Gyms ~ Working Out

Yes, I had to go there.  Gyms are one of those activities that you can do in every city, even the smaller ones and start from the day you get there.  Like with the other options, gyms allow for you to meet with new people.  They allow for you to continue to follow in your interests. And they allow for you to be able to get to know a neighborhood without having to worry about who you’re going to meet.

If you are on a high end gym, they’re truly like a small city within themselves.  Restaurants, clothing stores (even if it’s just for their product), massage therapist and beauticians are just some of the things that I’ve seen at a gym.  Which is why they have to be placed on the niche list.

So what are you interested in?  These are just 3 things that are niches that will help you plug-in to a new city.

Ahhh Yes!
Gyms where you can spit together, grunt together and look at all that eye candy, for next to nothing.

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