Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Dichroic Glass is used for many completely different collectible art projects. Artists like to use it to form many alternative items however one of the more popular ways would be jewelry.

There are many colorful ways to see dichroic glass like kitchen ware, stained glass windows and tiles, colorful sculptures of animals or beautiful jewelry however it’s made it looks lovely when it’s made into dichroic glass jewelry items just like the items shown here on this page.

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Dichroic Hand Blown Glass Jewlery

One of the best things about dichroic glass is that it’s created to resist its stability at high temperatures and it maintains all of its colors and distinctive styles.

Dichroic glass is used for creating this lovely jewelry and it’s not for everyone because it is so unique but when you wear it you will get lots of compliments.

You may see that there are multiple layers of glass and will also see a rainbow of colours and shimmering golden layers too! It catches the attention of others when you wear it and you may get people asking you where you bought such a good looking piece of jewelry.

Most dichroic hand blown glass jewelry is set in sterling silver and is principally created into a pendant, a ring or earrings. Sometimes you will notice a broach or pin and generally rings.

When you wear it, wear it proudly and know that every piece could be a one in all a sort as a result of it’ll never look precisely the same.

My personal favorite is the heart shaped earrings that have the swirls of colorful glass. They look elegant but fun at the same time!


Dichroic Glass Pendants, Earrings and Rings

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