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For an easy way to spice up any outfit or change your entire look, simply change out the pieces for jewelry you’re wearing. Jewelry and accessories can completely define a particular look, style or outfit. They can also transform a simple outfit into something fabulous, or help a daytime look transition into an evening ensemble. By investing in a few classic, well made pieces of clothing and a variety of accessories, you can wear a different look every day and not break the bank.

There are several classic pieces of jewelry every woman should own. These include pieces like a traditional pearl necklace, diamond or other type of stone earrings, a functional great looking watch and a statement necklace. It’s a good idea to invest some money in classic pieces, as they will likely be worn for many years. In addition to these traditional pieces, it’s a great idea to add in cheaper, more trendy pieces that may not end up lasting more than a season. These can be interchanged to switch up an everyday outfit and make it a little more exciting. And, since they are inexpensive, you won’t experience shopper’s remorse if they go out of style next year or are only worn a few times.

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Why fashion jewelry

Jewelry can alter the look and feel of any outfit. For instance, take a little black dress. Add a strand of pearls, some simple earrings and a cardigan and you’re ready for a day in the office. Then, for an easy transition from the office to a night out, switch out your daytime jewelry for a chunky necklace in a bold color, some dangly earrings and a pair of high pumps. By using jewelry this way you can easy take a simple outfit through whatever events your day and night may hold.

Another great option is a pair of dark denim jeans and a plain white button down shirt. For a day of meetings or running errands, slip on some ballet flats, a simple pair of silver hoop earrings and your favorite watch. Then for dinner and drinks in the evening change into a pair of heels, a sparkly chandelier earring and an armful of chunky bracelets and you’re ready to wow in eveningwear.

It’s also easy to get a new look without spending any money at all. Host a jewelry trading party with friends and family members. Each woman can bring in a few pieces she no longer wears and trade them out for some new additions to her collection, without spending a dime. By choosing a wide selection of jewelry and accessories in different sizes and styles, you will expand your wardrobe and give yourself many options to change the look of your favorite outfits! Clothing pieces will go farther and you won’t tire of them as quickly. Don’t be afraid to experiment, or consider going to the mall wearing your favorite outfit to see what works with it and what does not. Or, bring several changes of clothes with you while you shop!



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